Safest Bags Auto Close Travel Tip

Safest Bags Auto Close Travel Tip

Zippers and Snaps on travel bags are a problem; the problem is people forget to zip them or snap them shut. The safest travel bag is one that refuses to be used without being closed. Here are a couple photos of a great daypack, which truly protects the items in the bag.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Tuesday, January 6, 2009
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This bag has a pull string, you can then use it as a backpack, however only when it is closed.

This is truly a great bag, I used to sell bags like this on my site, and one day I will again. I purchased another one today for 15 Quetzals to carry inside my computer bag and use for a grocery bag.

This design is one of the best selling school bags on the planet; I have seen this bag in most countries. However, I have used them for years as daypack. They do not use any room, and with a sewing machine, you could make a great one in an hour.

If you are truly a lightweight backpacker, this is the perfect daybag.

This is a great deal for 2 U.S. Dollars, wonder how much it cost in the USA or Europe?

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Safest Bags Auto Close Travel Tip


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you can buy these in the UK for under £5, often £3 (close to $4.50 at today's rate). However, I've worked for several groups in the past that gave these away free with the logo on them. They are very easy to get as promotional/ corporate gifts, especially from companies that work with young people.

I like to carry one as a 'spare' or 'extra' bag. However, they are usually very thin material, and I think they are more susceptable to 'slash-n-grab' knife/ razor attack than a more expensive daypack that has thicker material and normally a front pocket to take the hit (one reason i like bags with poouches on all sides is because you don't have to put anything in them, but they mean there are 2 or more layers of material to slash through).

I live in a city, so I am conscious of these kinds of travel tips when I am at home going about my buisness. For sure, London you are just as likely to be robbed than Delhi, there is just a better chance of police sympathy.

I was pickpocked in Spain and an Italian guy took 60 dollars out of my bag in Koh Samui, Thailand on the ferry. I worry more in Europe than in Guatemala.

I have seen on slash in 10 year of travel, that was in Morroco.

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