Robin in Nairobi, Kenya Called

Robin in Nairobi, Kenya Called

I had an “are you sane," conversation with Robin today, I wanted to know if she was sane, or just another crazy, idealist traveler.

Robin of wants me to fly to Kenya, whereby we could team up to travel across the Congo together. I would say I am 80 percent on board with this idea and maybe 90 after our conversation with here on

She appears to be sane, this is a benefit, and it makes talking simpler. It is difficult, if not impossible to find people who will travel around in these parts of Africa. I want a person who has a firm grip on reality, who knows what is possible or impossible in life.

To find sane travelers in Africa, or is not in the Peace Corps also is a problem, I am not saying the people in the Peace Corps are sane, I am saying there are many of them in Africa. They are the normal travelers I encounter in Africa.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
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It was a good conversation, I am going to work on the Visa problems and maybe how to write a book, sell magazine articles, and trump up money. I am going to make phone calls to try to arrange money, maybe a sponsor for a Satellite Internet connection.

She is going to map out the route or path she anticipate we would take, Africa is big, you need to know you entry and exit strategies.

We both agree, it would be nice if someone sponsored or helped us pay for these adventure trips. Then again, I think we are going to go either way, we both need a rush to keep the blood flowing.

We both agree that money is a good thing, that is helps make life better for a traveler, and people need money and should not be angry when we try to find it. I would love to be rich, being rich is a good thing and I do not think rich people are bad, I just think they are rich.

Many travelers think it is bad taste to talk about money, to me it is realistic, it is real life, money is what allows me to travel, if I have it I can go anywhere over the rainbow.

Ok, National Geographic, please reply to my email...

Robin in Nairobi, Kenya Called


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this would be a good experiment. Can a alpha male and alpha female travel together? I remember reading a blog where this guy an girl traveled through Africa together, only to find out she was a lesbian with some anti-male attitude.

This would b a good experiment. Can a alpha female and alpha male travel together?

I remember reading a blog where he traveled thru Africa with a female who he later found was a lesbian with some anti-male attitude. He was ok with her being a lesbian but felt this should have been told upfront.

This could be a great adventure. Maybe shoot a short film or write a book about the trip.

I recently watched the BBC series "The Long Way Down".

Actor, Ewan McGregor & friend Charlie ride motorcycles from top of Africa to southern tip. Quote from the film "Africa is addicting" reminded me your blog on Africa. Check it out, it's avail on Netflix.

I often wonder who pitched the idea on many trips. There is a benefit to not traveling before you start to travel. I am presently reading about travel writer and the biggest advantage they have on me is they do not travel.

I'll toss in a $ fiver if your Mom will forward me some of your ashes to spread over Khao San Road....been nice reading you. Farewell.

good experiment if she is not lesbian. You will have great time together.

Chuck Wow, I appreciate your faith in my future and will tell my mother of your offer.

Wow folks! We're talking about the Congo & you're more concerned I'm a lesbian than about the rebels there?! Well, no worries - I date & even like men. And Chuck... if I arrange it with my mom will you send me a fiver too? :)

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