Rick Steves Iran

Rick Steves Iran
A Travel Writer I try to avoid thinking about went to Iran, it appears he made a video for PBS, the Public Broadcasting System of the USA. I know nothing about the video, however any video made in Iran by an American is noteworthy.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

I generally disagree with everything this man does or represents, however I will thank him for going to Iran..


The word that comes to mind when I think of him is,

I did not read the page, I did not watch the video, and I have not plans to watch, I just know this is noteworthy.

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Rick Steves Iran


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Well, at least he has overcome his fear and traveled outside of Europe.

His business is for profit and some people have said he has ruined some off the beaten path places, now they are tourist traps.

I read a lot of travel blogs, and it is interesting to read how people are trying to teach about how a person should travel. Most teaching only enhances a persons false expectations, and preconceived ideas.

It's in the moment where a person will have to troubleshoot, and figure out the situation. All provisions materialize in the moment.

Although, if a person sticks to that concept they will not teach about traveling.

Great insight ClearlEnlight, trying to move self out a tip, or my method of travel is difficult.

I pose a problem, then in ways pose a solution when writing a tip, the goal is to take an average lifestyle and turn it in the best of the best.

A person can live within their budget and still live great. I am going to start making videos of the Hotels I live in, this way I can show people how you can get a great room for 10 dollars or less.

Troubleshoot? I am trying to get people to request tips, I think I should say, "what is your travel problem?"

What is the question—"trying to move self a tip"?

I don't know your style of travel because I am not there with you. Everyone has different styles of travel, some people have commented that my style is difficult, but everyone is different concerning travel.

I think the concept of traveling is totally over-rated because of how the ego attaches on to the subject.

Everyone is confronted from some problems, even Mark Twain wrote about disagreeable incidents while traveling. But, any type of "problem" will be dealt within the moment.

What you're doing is fine, at least you're not copying ideas from the other traveling teaching bloggers.

I have been following your blog lately. If you're looking to improve your writing skills, I can help, I know where you're lacking in writing. E-mail me if you like.

I think I am dyslexic, or blind, or maybe need to wear my glasses, or maybe not enough light in the room, or maybe I am traveling.

I think I need to proofread what I write, then again, I am a Hobo, this is truly a great excuse.


You are more than welcome to write in the comments specific problems and the solutions.

I need an editor to help me work through each newsletter and give me recommendations.

I went to your Blog and cannot find a contact link to write you. ClearlyEnlight

Where are you, in Israel?

If you want to write me that is also ok. Contact Andy

That is frustrating, I tried to use the Google Bar spell check as I should and it did not like a word. I could not get it to change, finally hit enter and it published before I was done.

"What you're doing is fine, at least you're not copying ideas from the other traveling teaching bloggers."

I would like you to write me a long paragraph expanding on this idea of a "Teaching Blogger." I think I could include this the type of Travel Blogs I am collecting when I review at the end of 2009 the top travel blogs of 2009.

That I would like you to send in the contact form, once I know a name, associate you better with an email, we can converse better.

The contact link is on all pages of the Blog.

Thanks, note I do not mind going off topic on Rick Steves. hehehe

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