Reuben and Elvis on Edge of Planet

Reuben and Elvis on Edge of Planet

I want to visit the last village at the edge of the planet.

I want to fly to Breu, Peru and cultural information about the isolated tribes up river from Breu on the Yurua River. Today I talked by photo with Kim published a Blog about a groups that went to this area in July- August of 2008.
The Wonderful People of Breu

The went up the river with a gas powered Peca Peca dugout canoe to the village of Dulce Gloria.

There is at least one more village after Dulce Gloria that could be on the edge of the planet, the place where normal people do not go.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

She told me if I got to Breu to look up Reuben and his son Elvis. These names were surprising to hear, not the customary names of Peruvian people.

I will update a prior Blog post from my first trip to Pucallpa, Peru with all the links and information.

Isolated Peru Tribes Expedition

Expeditions, - Explorers

Reuben and Elvis on Edge of Planet


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Hey Andy, hope all the info today helped. I just wanted to let you know that the location of Dulce Gloria that you marked on the map isn't quite right. It is actually where the Rio Yurua and Rio Huacapistea meet.

Thanks Kim, you are good,

I purchased a Topographical map of this area in Lima last week. I hope it is correct, I take a photo of the map and publish over this jpg soon and update this map.

It is interesting how knowledge is fine tuned and is increasing more accurate, however starts out rather vague.

Don't be disappointed if you get there and they are wearing Reeboks and I Love NY T shirts.

Remember the T'boli???

I know they will be wearing Reeboks or Adidas in Breu. I am trying to learn how to travel as until the disappear. I believe it is possible on the river Yurua.

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