Peru Food by the Kilo

Peru Food by the Kilo
The large grocery store close to the Hotel called Plaza Vea sells Peruvian food by the Kilo. A person goes to the buffet counter, chooses their food, weighs it, then pay for the kilos of food.

A kilo is about 2.2 pounds.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Monday, January 12, 2009
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The girl has weighed my bowl of beans and soon I will pay, I was eating something close to ham and beans my mother made at home.

The food at this buffet counter seems to change daily; I enjoy the opportunity to see what I am eating, before I buy it. One of the annoying parts of travel is going into new restaurants and never being certain what I will eat because it the first time in the restaurant.

There is an incorrect belief that Peru is primitive, this area of Lima is modern and expensive, and this grocery store reminds me a large Krogers or Walmart in the USA.

The truth is almost every country in the world is a combination of modern and primitive, the farther you go from the city the more primitive it becomes.

The farther you go from the city the friendlier it becomes and cheaper.

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Peru Food by the Kilo


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Wow, this really suprised me..Yeah, it the capital but still..Are there many of these "modern western like" stores in Peru?


I like buying food this way. You can control the portion size and as a result control the price to a certain extent.

Instead of getting what you pay for, your paying for what your getting.

I agree, seeing your food prior to consumption is a definite plus.

How much per kilo are they charging there? And are all the items the same price?


As best I could tell, the foods all had different prices. I tried to learn about the bowl, small and large plates and the weight differences. Typical in Latino fashion there was not much clarity here. They also sell food by the Kilo in Brazil.

So how do you order a 1/4 pounder with cheese ?

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