Only Carry Today’s Budget

Only Carry Today’s Budget

You cannot get blood from a turnip theory of travel.

I do not worry about being robbed when walking on the other side of the planet. The reason is simple, even if they robbed me; they would not get that much. I only carry enough money in my pocket for today.

In Lima Peru, this is about 50-100 soles, and I am planning to spend 20, so I guess I am carrying about 30-70 extra.

If you robbed me today, you would get less than 15 U.S. Dollars.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Sunday, January 11, 2009
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Generally when I read travel advice on money, passports, plane tickets and other important papers, I disagree with the mainstream advice. I use the money belts or neck pouches only when I move from city to another and I have all my belongings with me.

When a person tells me a story about being robbed, generally the there is a story because they was carrying something worth robbing.

Is there a difference between money and my camera, I always have my 500-dollar camera with me?

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Only Carry Today’s Budget


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