Nominations for 2009 LP Travel Blogger Awards

Nominations for 2009 LP Travel Journalger Awards
Lonely Planet has opened nominations for the top or best Travel Journalger award for 2009.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

The Story

Go to this link to submit Travel Journals.

I have not got on the Lonely Planet Thorntree since I went to Iraq and was searching for information; it looks like Lonely Planet has made some changes.

Best Destination Blog
Best Expat Blog
Best Travelouge .. (Is this spelled correctly? I pasted from the site.)
Best Consumer Travel Journal
Best non-English language Blog
Best Video Blog
Best Micro-Blogging (twitter etc)
Best Image based Blog
Best Themed Blog (trekking etc)
Bet Group Authored Blog
Best community engagement

I am very happy they separated this into categories, it just does not make sense to group all Travel Journals in the same category.

Good for them, they put the “Non English” world into this… truly hard to say the best Travel Journals when you forget the worlds speaks many languages.

"The idea is you submit your nominations under the categories below, then about mid-Feb (we’ll confirm the date closer to the time) we’ll close nominations and public voting will start for the top five nominated blogs in each category."

What is this Lonely Planet Labs?

Is popularity by readers the best way to decide which one are best? I wonder if my Mom know what the Lonely Planet is, Mom it is a Guidebook.

Guidebooks, - Blogs

Nominations for 2009 LP Travel Journalger Awards


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Hi Andy,

I voted for your blog as the best "travelogue" for the Lonely Planet award. I wasn't sure what category your blog falls under but I also think "the hobo" is the best image/video travel blog as well. It could also be the best consumer travel blog but I wasn't sure what that meant.

Happy New Years!


No, its a Bible, you actually see lots of people wandering around with it open in their hands, like a meditating priests.

Thanks Frank, there is a need for one paragraph explanations of categories.

Here is the link to Travel Blogs, which could be expanded to include all these types of categories. Travel Blogs

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