My Understanding of Blogs

My Understanding of Blogs
Since the first of the year, I have spent about two hours per day reading Travel Journals, and today it hit me…

If I compare myselft to the majority writers of well-known Travel Journals, I know nothing about the world of Travel Journals.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Friday, January 23, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

Travel does not interfere with writing; I have written 95 percent of 4300 Blog posts offline without a connection. However, Travel does interfere with reading Travel Journals and understanding all the things people do with their Blogs.

I will say this, there are some people out there determined to be famous.

My Understanding of Blogs


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Not only are people determined to be famous, the self-glorification of oneself with many travelers, especially with travel bloggers is absurd.

Many throw their identity, and self-worth into the subject of travel. This is why many people end up teaching "how to travel".

This is the reason I think the traveling subject is over-rated. People are unaware of the how the ego operates. Thus, the person identifies their self within the subject, glorifying themselves before others and attaching labels to their Identity, because people that haven't traveled will say "WOW".

Through blogger a person needs a screen-name or an online Identity, but that is all it is—a screen-name.

Going for the "Wow" is sad. My web site name "" has some meaning, that Hobos travel to work, and the real Hobos traveled as cheaply as possible form place to place. However I believe many readers takes these labels and attach too much.

Telling the truth is not considered necessary by the world.

The "WOW" expression is the problem, because other travelers thrive on the expression through talking about themselves. Then, when one traveler is long term the short term individual or group gets very timid and jealous.

This is one reason I try to avoid many tourist and travelers, it's always the same questions.

So, I created a card with my blog address, that helps. Then, I will only talk about what I am doing if a person asks, although only through relaxed conversation.

I have shortened the story and created some vagueness for people I met on the street or bus.

Most people cannot understand that I am traveling for no particular reason. In addition, most people want create a label upon my actions of travel. It is really strange.

I can blend in like a local, so here in Jerusalem I just avoid the tourists and look like a local. At some sites I avoid the tourists because it is always the same questions about the over rated travel subject. And, most tourist/holiday makers are on a psychological high because of their fantasy trip.

Concerning your latest post, many travel bloggers and writers create a fantasy perception for their readers. This is why very few will talk about the positive and negatives of the cultural, and the negativity that exists within the world. They create the writing to be glamours.

My blog receives very few comments and less readers because I will write about reality, although I don't have a concern about the numbers, the blog is good for my Mom and that all that matters.

I get about one mean comment per day that never is seen by the readers because I delete it. I receive on hate mail per week.

enjoy comments because sometimes I need help to understand where I am and what I am seeing or doing.

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