Mac versus PC Travel Tip

Mac versus PC Travel Tip
Which computer is better for a traveler, the Macintosh or the PC? This question is similar to asking…

Which car is better Ford or Mercedes for Travelers?

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Thursday, January 22, 2009
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If I were traveling by car around the USA, I would want a Ford.
If I was traveling by car around Europe, I would like a Mercedes.
If I was traveling by car around Africa, maybe a Renault.

I would choose a car that I could be repaired easily.

A computer is the same; I chose my Hewlett Packard PC computer because I can have warranty or maintenance work done easy. I want to be part of the crowd; I do not want my computer to be unique. I see PC computers daily, I rarely see a Mac computer, just that fact alone makes up my mind, and it is scary to think about Macs.

I have never seen an internet café full of Macs in 10 years of perpetual travel.

Are Macs and PC compatible, can I interchange software programs? I do not know, and truthfully I do not care, just is not important to me, however if you have coworkers this may be important.

All the programs I use my laptop are compatible with the computer in the local internet café here in Pucallpa, Peru where I am presently located?

Are all the programs for Mac compatible with the PC computers in the internet cafes here in Peru?

The cost of having WIFI internet in my room doubles or triples the cost of rooms. If the Mac user needs an internet connection to be compatible, he or she is going to pay more for rooms.

I have a business, I pay about 10-15 dollars per day for internet in my room, if I did not need an internet connection, then I would be paying five.

The bottom line is this, 99.99 percent of you are taking your computer on a vacation, so this travel tip is irrelevant…

In addition, you are not going to take your car to Africa.

Buy what you like, and be happy.

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Mac versus PC Travel Tip


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With the New Mac's with the intel chip you can run Windows also. In addition, you can avoid rebooting the system. Using Parallels, you can run windows in Parallels in the Mac while you can access OSX at the same time.

My opinion is buy a Mac. Although, everyone cultivates their own interest and preference.

Macs are not popular in internet cafes because they are too expensive.

A real Hobo would use a Netbook. These things are great ! slim lightweight under 2 pounds and as good as the best full size laptop 2 years ago. As long as your not a download freak/music movies etc you could easily do your blog with one of these. About 400 bucks for the good ones. Saving you 5 pounds of unnecessary labor and easer to hide.

You can even run Linux on it if you want to go FULL HOBO...

a sample >

5 extra pounds removed from your pack and easy to conceal

You will start talking like James Bond.

Hobo, Andy Hobo. Double 00 from French Lick,ID

A real Hobo would use a netbook? Have you ever tried making a web site using a 9 inch screen? It's pretty much impossible. As much as I hate to admit it, a windows notebook is probable the best way to travel. The mac will work, but if it breaks you are pretty much screwed. With windows the black market on software is usually pretty good if you had to replace some programs. Linux is good as long as you don't need to use something like dreamweaver to make your web site. The third worlds are owned by illegal Window boxes. Windows still rules (bottom line)!

There are many different routes a person can choose from concerning the tech subject, even so, I prefer mac, I guess I am not a "real hobo", although I am not trying to attach my identity to a label.

PCs are still the dominant type of computer being used in the world. Because of that parts, supplies and software are readily available and much, much cheaper. If you are on the road traveling being able to maintain or repair the notebook easily seems to be a good idea. I travel with my pc Dell notebook and never have compatibility issues with internet connections or file types.

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