Jan 24 2009 is a Sad Day for Me

Jan 24 2009 is a Sad Day for Me
I have lived a good life, and I have stepped in a lot of shit. When I was younger, I was part of the fast crowd of drinkers and partiers who believed they were the “in crowd.”

I wanted to become a Real Estate investor; I purchased over 60 homes, became a Broker for 14 years and sold as many as 88 properties in one year, I had it all, I lost it all.

I left to travel, I now think I was running away from these past lives, I wanted a complete breach; I wanted a divorce from my life.

I was willing to leave everything; I was willing to do anything to escape my life.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Saturday, January 24, 2009
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I am happy to say, the life of drinking and partying is a distant memory, I have a hard time believing I ever drank, my alcoholism cost me 100 time more than the benefits, I have not drank alcohol for over 20 plus years, I think it is 22.

I escaped this lie.

I am happy to say, I have nothing to do with Real Estate, and when I was in Guatemala, I got to relieve old memories of this horrible business. I think I want nothing to do with it.

I escaped the lie.

I was a Philosophy Major in University, I delusionally thought this would lead me to the path of righteousness. Instead, it felt like a club of humans talking about life, but never living a life.

Travel has been my salvation; there is a beauty in meeting people of other countries for the first time that fills up the hollow spots in my chest.

However, the more I read other travelers stories, the more I am forced to accept I am some form of weird travel writer. I have almost against my will become a member of another club.

Drinkers believe their lies.

Real Estate agents are huge liars, I was not, but by being part of this club, I was labeled a liar, I was guilty by association.

Travel Journalgers are liars, I have again joined a club, a group, a mentality of human who all agree that the truth and reality shall not be respected. I have always know Travel Writers were liars, I thought the Bloggers better, I was wrong.

I do not lie; it is not my nature, I Blog and make internet pages to earn money. I write this Blog because it feels good to explain my life, to be held accountable for my actions. To know I am responsible for my life, because I shared it with others.

I search the planet for an “Honest Critic,” friends who strive to be good, who want to accept the world on the worlds terms, friends who do not want to edit reality to make others happy. I want friends who keep their eyes open and see the beauty of reality.

What is this fascination with editing reality, the real world is enough, it does not need editing, it is good life, and we do not need to sensationalize travel.

It is a sad day for me, I know I am part of this club of Travel Journalgers, I am guilty by association, again in my life I have got shit on me, how will I clean this up?

God is good; it is people who are not.
Travel is good; it is people who are not.

I sometimes think of Jesus on the cross, as I understand it, he looked down at the mass of people who all agreed to kill him and said, “forgive them God; they know not what they do.”

Jan 24 2009 is a Sad Day for Me


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I love your line about "editing reality"....it struck me like a lightening bolt. Definitely a huge light bulb went off. I have been doing just that. Andy, please keep up your blog as we are all each others teachers and WOW what you have taught me just writing that line! I feel as though my life has turned to a new direction, I feel free and hopeful. Thank you, Sharon

Nothing wrong with being a "used House Salesman" actually I never understood why they get paid so well. Show up with a box of donuts and make sure people don't steall everything while you walk them around the house ? ya ya ya all the time you spend trying to set a price ? takes about a hour tops. rest is just waiting. then you take 6-7 % of a persons life savings. I wonder if this helped you become a drunk legally stealing ? maybe it weighed on your soul because you probable dealt with mostly honorable people in Indiana. There should be forms at city hall to fill in when sell your house yourself and then they could noterize them for 10 bucks. not $20,000 for a box of donuts !

Ya I do not like real estate agents because they under priced my moms house and I can't prove but it was obvious the person who bought it for cash was working with the agent. They took 7 % plus 5,000 to "tidy up the house " basically mowed the lawn and sealed the drive way. Then the house was re-sold 1 month later for a 70,000 more than she got.

How do you like them donuts ? You would only have to do 1 deal a year like that and live very comfortable on a river in Peru.

We know you are not a liar. Everybody makes mistakes and you are forgiven. Make it a happy day from now on. We love you!

As you can see, I am always guilty by association, there is no way to remove the sleazy aspects of travel blogs, it is assumed that a travel blogger is sleazy.

Hi Mr. Andy,
Mercy! You waaay to hard on yourself farmboy. From my corner of the world, its not being a working man (real estate guy) that bears scrutiny. On the other hand
I do have to admit one thing though, while scratching my head. In your younger days, you must have been one helluva arrogant piss ant in college...hehe.
As far as your blogs go, nevermind the rest of the knotheads. You talk about real life, with sweaty drawers, loud neighbors, the oddball billy boys, etc. THATS TRAVEL!.
Remember the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? They took on a job protecting miners payroll. While riding up some mountain in Bolivia the bossman (Strother Martin) was describing how to some he seems crazy or out of place, but in actuality...he is just "colorful". hehe.
Or better yet... same actor in Cool Hand Luke..."What we have here is a failure to communicake"...hehe.
If I might suggest something... you need to find something to laugh about. Seems to me you maybe having fun, but not finding much funny. Just a thought farmboy.
angels and prayers be with you buddy.


Hey man, this is Josh the guy you met in Yarina at the Maloca "Eco Lodge" and had an Inca Kola with (I had a San Juan).

As one who met you out there, I can pretty much assure you and anyone who has not met you in person, your not sleazy. I have read through your blog, no sleaze. Its just how it is.

Hello Josh, I hope your trip to Peru was good, it was nice to speak English. Thanks

I ran across your blog on accident, and I must say, I have spent the last hour reading your blog and looking at your site. This blog really struck home with me. Why? Because I too have been thinking your exact same thoughts, but I have not come to any conclusion. Not about being sleazy, but about the whole travel lifestyle. I ask myself, Am I running away from something? I just turned 34 and I am currently traveling in Australia. Im trying to decide what to do next, but I am so confused. Should I stay traveling, or should I go home back to Austin, Texas and start to lay down some roots? I know that only I can make that decision, but it seems very hard to make.

I traveled alone for the first time in 2006. I quit my job, sold all of my shit, packed a bag and booked a flight for Amsterdam. It was by far the best 3 months of my life. When I got back to Texas in July of 2006, I had to start all over....and I did. I had a great time for the last 2 years, then all of the sudden I got that feeling again that I wanted to run. I did the same thing, and now I am in Australia visiting friends I met in Europe. I dont know if I am running, or if I am just bored. I have more friends then I can manage, Im smart, and I have proven to be capable of doing anything I have set my mind to. Sometimes I wonder if having so many options makes the decision harder to make.

I just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your thoughts so honestly and openly. I too know how exposed you can feel blogging about your travels, your thoughts, your opinions for everyone to read.

Good luck on your trip, I will follow you from now on, and be reading more of your past travels. If you ever wanted to read any of my stuff, my Europe blog is at www.travelpod.com/members/jaredten and my current wordpress blog is at www.jt75.com

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