Ipod Charging in USB Port Travel Tip

Ipod Charging in USB Port Travel Tip

Buy a battery charger before you go travel with your Ipod Travel Tip.

I do not own an Ipod; however, it appears I do have a battery charger for an Ipod or other similar electronic devices.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
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Does your kid have an Ipod?

Do you have one?

How do you charge it?

If you are charging it only with a USB port on your computer, please do me a favor, buy a charger before you leave home, or carry a laptop.

Two friends came to visit me in Guatemala, neither of them had a way to charge their electronic device, they wanted me to loan them a USB port in my laptop computer.

Do you love music, do you want to watch movies, you need to purchase a charger, becauase you are not in Kansas anymore when you travel.

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Ipod Charging in USB Port Travel Tip


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USB power adapters (chargers).

Several from various manufacturers are available online for under $20 USD. The official Apple usb power adapter made for ipod/iphone is $29 USD. There is also a compact version that was recalled awhile back for breakage issues, not sure if the newer ones are better or not.

Apple USB Power Adapter


This is good advice, Andy. I have a similar device to an Ipod ('creative zen vision M') and the first thing I did when I bought it was buy a mains charger. More than anything else, it's much much quicker to charge this way, and I don't want to use my laptop's precious USB slots for this slow purpose.

If, however, you have lots of items that can all be charged from USB, you can buy a mains plug that instead of having a power chord coming out of it has a couple of USB slots on it. So you can use the same cable, but from the wall socket. Here is an example of a british one (at a silly price) with an in-car version. I suspect any other nation's plug would be half the size (I do not carry british plugs when i travel!)

I could not use my computer when it was charging, I was afraid of dropping the Ipod on the concrete floor as it hangs from the side.

The owner of that ipod does have a plug into the wall charger for that ipod he had with him, and the other had a compter with a usb port! Please tell me they are NOT both so clueless as to have known that!!!


This is a general tip Jane and they did try his Dads computer, I do not think he had a charger with him, something about using a clock next to his bed. The Ipod in the picture would not charge, he was testing on my computer, I think it was broken.

Again, this is a Travel Tip, generalizing, not about specific people.

Ah... my faith in their knowledge/abilities may not be misplaced!

Glad their visit with you went well. Thanks!


Jane, do not expect much from us men, we truly do not run the planet.

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