How to Change Travel Blog Design Easily

How to Change Travel Journal Design Easily

How can you change your Blog Template without making fatal errors?

Travelers need to make money, and Blogging is a good way to finance a perpetual traveler’s lifestyle and be a good Hobo who travels to work, therefore I will occasionally make the daily Travel Tips about Travel Journals.

Me and Boy Genius from India changed the online Blog design today, if you are on an RSS feed or reading by email then click here: Travel Journal

Please give us suggestions.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Monday, January 5, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

Make a two test Blogs, use one to test the template and when perfected copy and paste the template over to the new one.

WARNING - We have two test Blogs, I copied over the original to this page so we save and revert if needed.

I opened a new Docs spreadsheet page, I listed the features I wanted, and then Boy Genius from India who is also on the Google Docs page. writes, “Done” when completed. I go check to see if done correctly and I add “OK,” it now looks like “DONE Ok” Docs is a great way for two or more people to work on the same ToDo list and know what changes have been made.

An internet page is always a work in progress, therefore I am still adding to the Google Docs page on the internet, and we will continue to test and improve this Travel Journal.

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How to Change Travel Journal Design Easily


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Hum, wrote a nice comment here, then hit the 'preview' button to find that it disappeared. Oh well

Third time a charm? I wrote a nice comment here, hit the 'preview' button, and the page lost my comment. I wrote another, tried to post with my google account, verified my little word captcha thingy, then got tossed back to the page with my comment missing again.

oh well

We are reverting the normal blogger system.

Thanks for the what's up, to stay on topic with the tip. We reverted to the regular system and will test the other system where the comments are made on the same page as the post. He can test this problem and fix, then copy over the code to the template.

The layout is much better, You should try to consolidate some of the links on the menu bar. It is kind of an overload.

Yes getting rid of a few links in the top bar would be good idea. I need to decide a standard.

I agree, the blog layout is much more intuitive!

Thanks for the what's up, to stay on topic with the tip. We reverted to the regular system and will test the other system where the comments are made on the same page as the post.

with the comments, may i suggest you add some kind of break between then all to make it easier on the eyes? something like a slight change in colour of the background or something.


Ash, the color break betwen post is now in the Google Docs to do list. Thank You.

I am not found of the grey are the top, trying to pick some more colors that are better. All the colors need to relate to the Hobo Logo.

Looks good however dull down that RED color and ENLARGE the Comments area. I had to look three times on how to post a comment.Otherwise looks good.

Go Palestine ! You can do it. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ! NOOOO....

Since you asked... Why not have comments on same page or just have comments alone (without original post)?

Font style and size not as pleasing. Font & size on post a comment page very nice. White background and red stripes too harsh.

Way too much print at top of page.

I'm a long time reader so I'm gonna read no matter what it looks like. :)

The Top Links will be change, not sure on how to do the fonts, but can see as I type here a comment the difference.

Is there a problem with snippets or abbreviated information on RSS feeds? Do you read in RSS?

Craig, Anytime I write a comment, or do any decent amount of typing where I cannot be sure it will be saved (some e-mail programs),I either write it in note pad and copy over OR I do a copy before sending. In the comment area do a Ctrl+A to mark all. Ctrl+C to copy, then send it. If there is a problem, open up the comment area again, put your cursor in it and hit Ctrl+V to paste. If there is a longer term problem, just paste it into notepad or whatever and save for later.

Bob L

Attaboy Bob, yes, I do the same even on my own Blog. Never know what is going to happen.

I read the blog via a browser-based RSS client, and it shows up fine for me. (I use the 'sage' plugin for Firefox).

One little thing is that I tend to browse with a sidebar open (for sage actually) and your blog page seems to set itself to the size of the monitor overall- so it pushes some stuff off the edge of my screen. It's not a huge deal, as I can toggle it and I tend to read in RSS anyway, but you might want to know. (I use a 15.4" widescreen monitor currently).

The lines between the comments, and the bigger 'post a comment' link are great improvements!

just noticed, the 'edge of the screen' problem is only when on the page that shows one post and the comments, not on the main page of the blog with multiple posts. There it resizes automatically.

Those are good sources to look up. Great post.

Thanks for this post! I¡¯ve already wasted an hour trying to solve this ¡°problem¡±, but I won¡¯t have to waste any more time now!!

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