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Easy to use Travel Journal Archives
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Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

We are constantly trying to make the Blog as easy to read as a book; however blogger.com is working against us, the company wants Blogs to have no shelf life so they do not clog up the search engine index.

I cannot use the labels or tags, this feature is broken on blogger.com, and it does not work for large Blogs like mine.

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Please, I truly appreciate you reading the Blog, if you have any suggestion or ideas please submit in comments. If you would rather write me personally, then click on this link. Contact Andy

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Easy to use Travel Journal Archives


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You would rather host your own site. The trick to find the web building program that is good for you navigate.

There are tons of hosting companies, most companies cost $100 a year with a free domain name. With the company I choose, it is unlimited space.

I am guessing you're not using a Mac?

Clearly, I have two dedicated servers and two full time techies who work for me. I do not use a Mac and have not plans on learn a Mac.

Thanks Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com

Hi Andy,
I just made the switch to Wordpress as a platform for my self-hosted site, and I am very pleased. There are countless plug-ins to customize the site, and tags and such are standard. Good luck!

Hello Nora,

Yes, Wordpress is a good system, we are thinking about migrating the Blog over to this system. I believe we will make a photo of the day Blog on Wordpress, and when we understand the Wordpress system and know we can hack it, we will move over the main HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog.

Can we migrate a Blogger.com system over to Wordpress?

I truly am glad I never went for the Blogspot option, this truly is a bad choice. My pages are static, hosted on my domain, and can be moved.

Thanks you

Yes, you can easily migrate Blogger (and Blogspot) to Wordpress without much ado. I did so myself - from Blogspot no less - and I am far from being god's gift to html and all things internet! May the force be with you! (smiles)

Good to hear the migration was easy enough, I am not looking forward to this but I have no choice. A year ago I started the II part of the Travel Blog because the old system refused to publish. We are trying to update to the new template now and it will not publish, it is a mess, the older version is scrambled.

My only fault was I started using the labels of Blogger.com

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