Candles Matches and Lighter Travel Tip

Candles Matches and Lighter Travel Tip
When a person goes to jungle they cannot depend on electricity for lights, it is good to have a few candles. What is more important is to places them in a location easily accessible in the dark.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Thursday, January 29, 2009
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I place these candles on a 2 x 4 wall support to the left of the entrance door to my room, I can find this is the dark of night. Flashlights are good, but candle work better for reading or providing enough light for getting dressed or preparing the bed for sleeping.

Candles Matches and Lighter Travel Tip


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The lengths you go to get a free room is truly unbelievable.

Try the Ayahuasca brew while your there. Chase with some COLD coca cola.

Chick Wow Guy said something like >"Try the Ayahuasca brew while your there"

Andy this is bad advice period ! take the post down. Ayahuasca is the local Doctor of Philosophy in a cup.

It is not for you ! It is not alcoholic but if you can not stand a six pack then you should forget Chuck Idiots advice. I did it 3 years ago. I feels like your your happy and drunk. I actually felt I could understand my hosts and they me. We had a good/great time but I am afraid you, Andy are to fragile to experience this.

You should skip it. Not worth it. I think back on my experience at least 1 time a day because it was so insightful, but not for the alcoholic I think. Don't want you to lose your mind.

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