All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe

All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe

“Air travellers will soon be able to see at a glance exactly what they have to pay for their tickets, as the European Parliament approved new EU rules. Air fares as displayed will have to include all taxes, fees and charges added to the basic ticket price and known at the time of publication. Parliament approved a deal on this legislation reached with the Council, as it takes on board the EP's key first-reading amendments.

The price you actually have to pay”
- European Parliament

Pucallpa, Peru
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
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Is this true, I do not know?

I have learned not trust anything I read or hear without severe collaboration, I for sure trust the governments of the world before I trust the news media. Whatever the case, this feels real, I am now hoping the rest of the world follows with this great legal precedent.

What is the situation in the USA, are they going to pass laws to stop the airlines from feeding us pricing crap.

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All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe


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Seems like little but prominent travel hub Singapore is ahead of its bigger rivals. Here it's a rules since 10/2008 to advertise only with full taxes and surcharges.

It was a surprising yet welcome change when stopping by last year and checking prices for Tiger Airways, Air Asia and the rest of the budget bunch. Finally a clearer picture and more transparent competition!

The European government has legally ended the questionable acts of airlines to sell 1 euro fares that end up being 150 euros. All the fuel and Insurance surcharges need to be included for all flights originating in the EU. Having said this; luggage surcharges (the new thing right now) are not included yet. Seems the airlines have found a new way to extort money from their passengers.

Ryanair in Europe charges more for check-in bags and a ridiculous amount of overweight charges. If you haven't pre-paid for your bags, you get fined at the airport for not pre-paying. My friend got fined 40 euros for not having pre-paid for bags plus 90 euros for 20 kilo of check-in bags on a 65 euro flight. This is a whopping 195 euro total for a one hour budget flight.

Another great new invention of the airline business is the check-in fee. If you don't check-in on line you need to pay an x amount of money to check-in. Europe will need to change the law again soon to include these fees too, although it is more complicated. some people travel only with hand carry.

Seems Singapore and Australia have followed the EU, all Singaporean and Australian adds for cheap flights need to include all taxes (but not luggage fees). Although on the Singaporean websites of the airlines, at the booking page they can still come up with the fares without tax. In Singapore it is for adds or opening page website adds only. Check out or than follow the Singaporean entrance and see what I mean.

Anyway any business including airlines will come up with inovative ways to make more money from us. Hope to have cleared this sufficiently.

Nomad4ever, it is not clear whhat you are saying.

Types of Advertisments:
- Signs on front of travel agencies
- Internet
- Billboards
- Television


I got on the site, and for sure they are an expert at using confusion to make money from consumers.

1. Force us to convert currencies
2. Surcharges on fuel and taxes.
3. Luggage fees

I truly believe all airlines need to be forced to stop caculating fees in different manners. I also believe airport fees or taxes, adminstrative fee etc should be included.

I call this frutrate the buyer until they give up and buy marketing.
Andy Graham of

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