Why Catholics Need Big Guns

Why Catholics Need Big Guns
I often wonder why Catholic countries appear to have more crime than other religions. Here are two photos showing the guns from Guatemala and Philippines, both countries are predominantly Catholic.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 9, 2008
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This photo was taken in Antigua, Guatemala, it is easy to find a sawed off shotgun in Guatemala.

This was taken in front of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

Why Catholics Need Big Guns


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Well, in my opinion the realigion doesn't have anything to do with the big or small guns. I think it is more about the country and continent you live in. Such as an explample of Guatemala - if you lived there, maybe you would have even bigger gun. But interesting thought indeed.

Does religions effect the morality people?

Catholics are more passionate and volatile than the more sedate protestants (sweden vs. Sicily). Hence the big guns.


Of course religion affects morality, but so does money. The prevalence of guns in both the Philippines and Guatemala has more to do with the poor economy of the countries than how they worshop.

BTW, right wingers are flocking to gun shops and shows here in the US to stock up before Obama starts banning automatic weapons. Are they all catholic?

That's what every sportsman hunter needs, a couple of AK47's.

People are not flocking to buy Automatic Weapons. Buying an automatic weapon in the US is a long involved and expensive proposition. No automatic weapons can be purchased that were manufactured after 1986. (except police, military and certain other official purposes) People, are buying semi-automatic weapons. And the new trend that the owners of these shops are seeing is Obama stickers on the bumpers of new buyers. Intersting.

Bob L

Big is relative. Big by caliber or guage, big by actual size, big by capacity, or big by length are all ways to say big. Firearms in the two areas that you mentioned are to seperate the haves from the unlawful or desperate have-nots. There are more firearms (of the automatic nature) in African nations (non-catholics) than in the two mentioned. They are a deterant to theft of valuables and personal space, would be my hypothesis.

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