Travel Insurance Fine Print

Travel Insurance Fine Print
There was a report on television the other day stating that Travel Insurance often has fine print saying it does not cover countries the government has issued warnings not to enter.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 11, 2008
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If you read or subscribe to the USA government warnings, you would see this is a problem. The governments warnings normally errors on the side of caution, more or less saying to stay home.

I am going buy health insurance soon; I do not have any type of insurance presently, but could be a good idea. Then again, insurance of no insurance I am still going to travel, life is for living, not for dying.

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Travel Insurance Fine Print


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yeah, i found out when i came home that my expensive 'anywhere on the planet' insurence was voided as soon as i entered Nepal, because it was on the UK Foreign Office's warning pages. Not sure I'd get insurence again.

It's definitely important to make sure that you look into your insurance carrier and policy to make sure you're making a good choice.

Think twice about health insurance. All insurance is about collecting premiums and then trying to avoid paying benefits. With something like life insurance, it's pretty hard to avoid paying, since it usually obvious whether the person is dead or not--not that this doesn't stop people from trying to cheat or the insurance companies from trying to detect cheaters. But health insurance is different. Insurance companies will do anything and everything to avoid reimbursing you, and if you are sick, you are in no position to fight them and the stress of fighting them will just make you sicker. What's more, you can very well be traveling around the world when involved in a bunch of lawsuits with insurance companies.

I think you'd be much better off spending the money doing some investigation now about high quality health care in Guatemala and other low-cost places. Go in and get a preventive check-up or two or three with different doctors. Get a feel for whether the doctor knows what he is doing. Once you find a good primary doctor, stick with him/her. Keep throwing him/her business (an annual physical) and then rely on him/her to refer you to specialists when you really get sick. I think this is a lot better use of your money than health insurance. Right now, for me, health insurance with a $5000 deductible would cost $100/month. So I'd be out $1200/year and still have to pay another $5000/year if I ever actually get sick! That could pay for a lot of high-quality care in the Guatemala. But don't wait until you are sick before looking for a doctor in Guatemala or elsewhere in the Third World, because who knows what you might end up with.

BTW, I suspect anything you write about third world health care is going to boost your search engine rankings and ads revenues. It's a big topic these days about the traveling set. I'm certainly interested. I've been without health insurance now for 15 years and I know that getting sick in the United States is a disaster, considering that a simple appendicitis can cost $25,000 and who knows what if the appendix ruptures or their are other complications.

Not valid if you have had oxygen exchanged in your lungs in a foreign country of your destination . If oxygen is exchanged you have completed the contract of travel insurance and we are not responsible for any money loss due to lack of foresight.

However we due cover fights due to fan rage during a hockey event in Zimbabwe during the hours of 4-6 pm during a eclipse.

If the home team mascot was not involved.

Make sure your insurance company is licensed to do business in the state in which the policy is sold. Years ago I purchase a policy only to find it was invalid outside of its domiciled state.

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