Taca Flight to Guatemala

Taca Flight to Guatemala
I will fly Monday morning from Chicago to Guatemala on a Taca flight I purchased online for about 230 U.S. Dollars. Taca.com airlines sent me an email yesterday reminding me I had a flight in 48 hours, this was a nice benefit.

Orland, Indiana
Saturday, December 6, 2008
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I purchased the flight while I was still in Thailand with the help of my travel agent Jeroen in Bangkok. He checked all the days to find when the cheapest ticket was available and I got on the internet and purchased the ticket, because he could not sell the ticket himself.

This is a good example of how a travel agent can help if they truly understood the airline systems. I believe only about 1 in 500 travel agent have the experience and knowledge to do this. I often think a travel agent should now be used for a consultant and not to buy tickets.

Taca Flight to Guatemala


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You might also want to check out cFares which is a unique travel search engine that consistently offers travelers the lowest fares for their chosen flight. Through patent-pending dynamic pricing and intelligent rebates technology, cFares is able to identify the lowest fares, provide discounts for its members, and offer helpful tools that filter and sort results, so travelers can easily find the best flight for them.

I did a test of the cFares mentioned above for a route I frequently use, BPN to CGK, but the offered price was at least ten times more than what I am used to paying... I am not impressed.

Hehehe, I normally moderate out the advertisments, however it was close to on topic, so let is fly. I test them on a trip from Chicago to Guate and it worked ok. Truly difficult to say any of these airplane ticket brokers are all good or all bad.

It's tought to do a comparison right now because of Christmas coming up, but $230 from Chicago to Guatamala is nothing special on Taca, provided to you buy a copule weeks in advance. Like I said, this is Christmas and New Years season, so if we jump 2 weeks ahead we hit that, but if we go all the way to Jan 11 I can see $174 for a flight. Found it on Kayak (no, I'm not trying to pump their site and there are plenty others like it).

The real secret to low fares is very simple: buy a couple weeks ahead, be flexible on dates and use one of the fare comparison sites.

i will like to know why taca airline company is not post in the cheapticket.com and orbitz.com. most of the time I bouth my tickets for my self and family members with taca because i believe taca has a good standars and excelent customer services in the flying industry. i have been looking for taca specials and prices in both of their web-sites and i cant find them. thank you, for the good service to the latin american
countries and good luck


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