Solola Solola Guatemala

Solola Solola Guatemala
I walked down the small lane from my Hotel; at the end is a man hollering Solola, Solala, there is music in his voice. I decided, I know too much of Panajachel, Guatemala and I needed a change. I paid 3 Quetzals for a short Chicken Bus trip up the hill to the city of Solola, Guatemala. I was surprise, it was market day and the city was packed. I found out Market Day is Tuesday and Friday and truly a great market, and not tourist… hehehe

Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 18, 2008
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There is not enough life in one person to explore all the corners of the planet. This is sugar; actually, it is Panela a type of sugar, more like brown sugar and not like white sugar. The flavors is good, I love the stuff and truly see no value to white sugar.

I have encountered Panela in many countries, it is made from sugarcane. If I devoted three days to my life, I could learn about Panela. This old man was dazed, a sleepy mind, however if I was willing to give three days of my life, I could ask many questions, find out where this Panela came from, I would go to the fields where they grew the sugar cane, watch them harvest it. I would find the place where they are boiling the water or juice off the Panela and have a good time.

Strange how I value my time, even though I have the three days, is this what I want to do. Instead, I travel around, hoping to accidentally find the source of this product.

The whole Solola Marke trip took me less than 45 minutes, like going to Walmart, but a lot more fun.

Market, Solola, Guatemala
Solola Guatemala market
Solola, Guatemala

Panela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Why have sugar when you can have Panela....pure, wholesome,

Solola Solola Guatemala


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Good Ruck Andy,

Guatemala fears Mexico drug spillover

By James Painter
BBC Latin America analyst

The US justice department warned this week that Mexican drug gangs pose the biggest organized crime threat to the US. But Mexico's southern neighbors are also increasingly worried by the drug trafficking threat.

Children walk past soldiers and a police officer who patrol the slum of El Milagro, in Mixco, Guatemala on 2 December
Guatemala suffers high rates of crime and impunity

Concern is particularly acute in Guatemala, amid fears that the burgeoning presence of Mexican drug traffickers is adding another layer of violence to a country already ridden by crime.

Some of the many voices raised in alarm have warned that the Guatemalan security forces will need a major overhaul to keep the Mexican drug gangs in check.

We don't need no illegal American o's !!

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