Prices of USA versus Planet Earth

Prices of USA versus Planet Earth
I hate to say it; however with this recent visit to the USA I have over-scrutinized my country. I love the USA, however I can tell I am taking my “wonder of it all glasses” off.

Orland, Indiana
Saturday, December 6, 2008
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I was in the center of Fort Wayne, Indian the other day; a man dropped a handful of envelopes. Four of us stopped and helped him to pick them up as they slowly spread around the intersection, it was a good day. I have heard more please, thank you, hello; excuse me than I have heard in the last year of travel here in the USA.

However, what am I to say, the cost of lunch is 10 dollars, if I want to eat for 2 dollars it has become incredibly difficult to find.

What is bad about this?

If I want to buy a computer, socks, shampoo, then “Walmart Mentality” is truly a wonder of the planet. I can buy this type of product at half the price of anywhere on the planet. However if I want to buy a sandwich it is triple of the majority of the planet, however half of Europe.

The cost of homes is 10-100 times more than anywhere on the planet, it truly is easy to stay within a budget in an under-developed country.

The daily expenses in the USA, the idle sandwich, the “Starbucks Mentality” rules, the cost of casual purchases is out of control. The cost of Homes is out of control, the “Luxury Home Mentality“ rules, the cost of Automobiles is out of control, the “I need a Mercedes Mentality“ rules. The staple products are the cheapest on the planet, the shampoo, deodorant; for sure, “Walmart Mentality” is one of the greatest parts of the USA.

I have heard multiple times on the televisions,
“The USA worker are the best on the planet.”

What kind of hokey crap is that, somehow they are saying the common worker is superior to a common worker in Asia? I feel like Hitler is up there preaching some type of we are the chosen race. Guess, what there is no chosen race, and for sure, the USA is not entitled to prosper.

The government of the USA encourages business to prosper better than any country on the planet, the first democracy on the planet is a great success. However arrogance is out of country, the meek shall rule the world.

As far as I am concerned, the "Starbucks Mentality" is the catastrophe, it a dysfunctional affliction causing the todays economic problem. (December 2008)

Prices of USA versus Planet Earth


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I agree with you on the Starbucks mentality... It would be better for the US to go back to the "Diner Mentality" I guess. BUT, think about this. People in the US work a lot of hours. OK, they GO to work for a lot of hours. They make a LOT more money than the average person in a third world country. How much of a percentage of this persons take home income is that Vanilla Latte with Soy Mold Milk compared to say a cup of a milk/rice drink to the average Guatemalan? How about comparing it as a persons "disposable" income, using disposable as whatever is left after their actual costs for housing, transportation and other so-called necessities?

I really don't know, but would bet that it is similar. The US does pay too much for things, but they make too much also. It seems to me that a country or a people will settle into some sort of rhythm with their economy.

The real sad part to me is how much of a US person's income goes to loans. And how much of those loans are for things that they feel they NEED, not just want. Big screen TV's etc.

Yesterday I was watching a politician talk about the need for credit for the average person so they can afford to replace their TV etc... The politician felt that getting a high interest LOAN for a TV is somehow a necessity?

The US at all levels still thinks it should be easy for anyone (or the US Government) to borrow money, and that loans are a good thing.

Bob L

The big reason to live in the USA is the optimism about life real or unreal. I do know the only people who will come through this economic problem gracefully will be the people with the diners mentality.

So what can we bring from the USA to help pay for our trip to these places that pay double ?

This is the problem, there is nothing I know of made in the USA that I could sell outside the USA for double. There are zillions of things outside the USA you can buy that you can sell inside the USA for double the prices.

You cannot buy your way to a trip, I think you can save your way to a trip. When a person saves one dollar it is the same as earning two dollars.

Andy said "If I want to buy a computer, socks, shampoo, then “Walmart Mentality” is truly a wonder of the planet. I can buy this type of product at half the price of anywhere on the planet".

so which is it ANDY ? Half price here or double ? Person asked if they could bring things on a trip to help defray costs and sell abroad. In on breath you say prices are double around the world for certain items and in the next breath you advise it is not possible to bring things from the USA to make $$.

So If I read you right stay at home do not try it ?

Seems to me if a Laptop was double SAY 400 in USA and 800 in Thailand one could sell easy for 600 50 % profit. And return with hand made itmes costing X and selling for more because you say things cost half as much or more in other areas of the world than USA..

I'm confused, but I was wondering the same thing about making a few $$ on a trip. Thanks

there are places where american products are worth double. former USSR countries for example. i see many things in Ukraine. but you have to find a way to sneak them in. governments know what the prices are for most goods and they charge accordingly at the border.

The USA is not a yes or no, the prices in Walmart are great, however the Auto, Homes, and Casual purchases like boondoggle.

I must write my post this way, I would never want to think any country is always the same for all layers of the onion.

andy "What is bad about this?

If I want to buy a computer, socks, shampoo, then “Walmart Mentality” is truly a wonder of the planet. I can buy this type of product at half the price of anywhere on the planet".

Ya I to was hoping Andy would give us a tasty treat on how to make a buck on a trip. I guess he is keeping it to himself ? I too am confused from his blog Twice as cheap ? Twice as expensive ? where.

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