Old or Fat or Codgers

Old or Fat or Codgers
I am here in Guatemala, there is a surplus of older end-of-the-roader’s who are different than the young travelers who normally surround me in countries like Thailand. I have been enjoying the eccentric problems of older people; I am not sure who can take care of themselves better. It is neck and neck, both the young and the old need baby sitters.

I use the labels Freak, Dread, and Tattoo with the young travelers I am using Old, Fat and Codger with the older ones, ooops, should not forget "Old Farts."

Panajachel, Guatemala
Sunday, December 14, 2008
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There is no age discrimination when it comes to travel; it appears the only variable that makes some travelers better is their ability to make decisions.

However, there is nothing common about common sense, I think the majority of traveler forget to pack it.

Old or Fat or Codgers


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Hey Andy.

I resemble your remark !!

I'm 45 girlfriend is 25. She is as clueless as I. Works out fine except that she can't keep up with me. Then again I can't stare at a T.V. for 12 consecutive hours so it balances out.

Your gross Chuck ! get a life ! Think you could get a 25 year old in your country ? Doubt it jackass.

I'm Gross ? She's 25 ! not 16 ! When do women get to think for themselves ? 18 ? 25 ? 50 ?

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng
Age difference: 37 years

Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn
Age difference: 34 years

Billy Joel & Katie Lee Joel
Age difference: 32 years

Geraldo Rivera & Erica Levy
Age difference: 32 years
Not only is Erica Levy 32 years Geraldo's junior, she's also his fifth wife.

Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman
Age difference: 24 years

Ivana Trump & Rossano Rubicondi
Age difference: 24 years
The most famous cougar of all time.

Donald Trump & Melania Trump
Age difference: 24 years
married in 2005, and had their first child together, Barron, in 2006.

Tommy Mottola & Thalia
Age difference: 22 years
Two years after his divorce from Mariah Carey was finalized, the music mogul married another young pop star, the Latin singer Thalia, in 2000.

Howard Stern & Beth Ostrosky
Age difference: 18 years

OK for the rich and famous but not for the poor ?

and NO I do not think I could land a stunning beauty that is a size 2 dress in America they simple do not exist unless we're talking about models. Very High maintenance hence you have to be RICH.

Thanks for your advice AMY but I have a beautiful life.

"When do women get to think for themselves ? 18 ? 25 ? 50 ?"

I give you a standing ovation, that was excellent.

Chuck ,

Your a classic case of abusing your economic status. You may be poor in USA or EUROPE, but well off in Thailand and you use this to your advantage. You cite the RICH as your excuse to do the same. However the RICH hook up with the same citizens of their country and not poor foreigners. Shame on you Chuck.

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