Best Single Author Travel Blog Nominations

Best Single Author Travel Journal Nominations
I have traveled for over 10 years, almost 11 now, I am a perpetual traveler, and I am searching for other perpetual travelers.

Please submit names of people and the links to their Blogs, I will subscribe to them and next year give a report of what I consider the best of the best.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Saturday, December 20, 2008
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Guidelines or Rules

1. Three Month Rule - A traveler does not stay in any one location more than three months.

2. No Home - A traveler does not have a home, does not normally rent an apartment.

3. Single Person or couple, please do not submit large website, this is for traveler, not for promotional type Blogs, this will be moderated.

4. ONE Year of Travel - a minimum of one-year out is needed; this is not for Vacation Blogs.

Money, somehow it would help if people would explain how the person is able to fund their trip, how is this person able to travel perpetually.

I want to know who is out here wandering the planet perpetually beside me.

I will be very lenient in the moderation, however please big Website Blogs, I want real people out on the road traveling the world.

Best Single Author Travel Journal Nominations


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Please note that this is for English language, however anybody that knows blogs in other language please submit.

HI Mr. Andy,
You might find this traveller interesting. "Tioga and George" is the site. He is somewhat my inspiration for the Uhaul conversion Im working on also.
Mr. George a kindly old gent of 71, that beat cancer about 6 years ago. Been travelling ever since. He more or less chases the climate, beaches and the occasional Ford dealership for repairs down thru Mexico.
Merry Christmas Farmboy


Hi Mr. Andy,
Thought I might warn you about "Tioga and George" just so you arent thinking he has a gang. His blogs are often in second and third person. His camper, computer, camera, have names,..and he has a pet bird named boid.

I subscribed to receive by email with Here is the link to his blog: The Adventures of Tioga and George

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