Angry Expats in Guatemala

Angry Expats in Guatemala
In the last couple of weeks I have realized after a guy they call the Turk gave some advice on how to live in foreign countries.
“Don’t be a Jackass”
Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 25, 2008
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I about fell over laughing, this advice is 100 percent correct, people do need to remember,
“don’t be a Jackass.”

I have noticed that many Expats seems to have short tempers, they often have a burr up their Jackass. A quick temper is the last thing a traveler needs, and even worst when you are an Expatriate living in another country.

If I get angry and made an enemy, I can move onto the next location and leave all my problems behind me, I can do a geographical cure.

I have spoken a few times that Expats are the “Wanted and the Unwanted.” However, many leave their home country to live in another because they got too angry about where they lived, and they took a one stop geographical cure. The problem is this, Expat communities are small, there are only so many people you can fight with before you have nobody left to fight with, you have zero friends left over.

The Turk was telling me how to get along with the local Mayan people and not have problems. It hit me, being a Jackass with the locals is not only going to lose friends, it can be downright dangerous. The last thing you want to do in any country is get all the locals angry, this is dangerous.

I guess the moral of the story, if you are a Jackass with a short temper, better to stay home and safe.

Angry Expats in Guatemala


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I will have to read more about "The Wanted and the Unwanted." I have seen many people travel to other lands in search of the geographic cure, and not finding it, because the sickness travels inside of them regardless of location. Some of these are Angry Expats, and some are not angry, just misfits in their homelands looking for a place where they do fit. I guess I have been one of both kinds. I feel that there is also a third kind of expat, one of the most terrible--the man who travels to foreign countries hoping to cash in on his foreigner status (usually white Western) in order to take advantage of local women who may not have the context to understand what a loser/misogynist he is. This really bothered me about Bangkok, for instance. 'Course some could say the women *do* understand the man's real nature, and are just using him in turn. Well, off to search for "wanted and unwanted." Thanks Andy! --CC at Onely

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