2008 December Enter Guatemala Leave USA

2008 December Enter Guatemala Leave USA
December 8, 2008 I left the USA and entered Guatemala, I took a Taxi for 10 dollars from the airport to Antigua, then gave him a five dollar tip, he truly make my life faster.

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Antigua, Guatemala
Monday, December 8, 2008
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I place these markers on the site so I can know where I entered and left, this is more or less a log post, that web log idea.

2008 December Enter Guatemala Leave USA


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Well, i guess you just give enough TIP to the driver.It worth becuase he toke you, to your destination safely, unscratched and that TIP will also make alot difference to him.
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I do not tip because people are poorer than me, I consider that an insult. I only tip when they really do exceptional. Tipping is not common, only in the USA, and when the drivers know people are from the USA and sort of silly.

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