Travel Readers Want Packing Video

Travel Readers Want Packing Video
I am baffled and truly do not understand this desire, I wish I could empathize with the many readers who want to know how to pack.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008
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My friends and readers have written me in the last couple of months wanting to know how to pack. I am more than happy to make the videos, however I have yet to figure out how to make this video alone without including my whole body and face in the video.

I will somehow find a way, I think maybe I need a mask, maybe I can find a rubber; pull over the head mask of some funny person, or maybe a mask with a hat.

It would take days if not months to train an actor or actress to pack a travel bag; this is not a feasible option.

It is possible I am not baffled on why readers want this type of video; maybe I am just overwhelmed at the magnitude of this production. If I try to explain clearly, how to pack, I would need many videos.

Off the top of my head, these videos need.

1. What size of Travel Bag.
2. How much weight can you carry versus how much weight do you want to carry.
3. How to buy a Travel Bag.
4. The problems of Travel Bags.
5. Security Systems of Travel Bags.
6. Collecting all your clothing and gear to pack.
7. What breaks in a Traveler Pack?
Etc to at least 20-30 items.

I am going to stop here, I am sure I can add another 10-20 videos to this list. Packing is a dynamic experience, every aspect is a variable, if one of the variables changes, it then alters the ability of others. If the size of the backpack is too small, you will not be able to pack, however if you are not strong enough to lift the pack, then you have do what you are not going to carry.

There is no way to make this simple.

I know some of you are being patient, I am sorry; I will try to focus on this project and start collecting the video clips to assemble. I am guessing, however I will need about 2-3 hours of small clips to tell this story.

This is a story of Volume and Weight, how many liters of volume are you trying to pack, and how much does this weigh? Then are you physically strong enough to carry what you want to carry.

Hehehe, I am thinking, I could put on Seminars are how to buy a Travel Bag and then how to pack it.

Travel Readers Want Packing Video


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I can't imagine wanting a packing video. A few pictures maybe, and some good words, but you have already done that. As for the video, I don't know what kind of editing software you have, but you could either fuzz out your face, or just edit out the parts that show your face. I would think something equivalent to a slide show with narrative would be fine, but then, I don't understand the need anyway.

I would think some simple advice on what and how to pack, with a couple pictures would get people going, then once they are on the road, they can find out what actually works for them. Everyone is different.

Bob L

Hello Andy,
Happy Thanksgiving
Here is a link that your readers might get some good ideas from. It's about packing and traveling with a carry-on. This is the website that turned me on to the MEI Voyageur travel bag.
Keep up the good work
Tom the Okie

I made this post about packing, one of the benefits of journalizing or writing is it helps me to think.

I suspect many readers want to know to be the best. How I pack a bag is in some ways special. However, I must always admit to the world, you can buy a big army duffle bag and travel for years with almost zero problems.

Refining the art of travel after the duffle bag is a pursuit for perfection. I can understand this and nothing wrong with the hope of perfection.

Truly though the value of perfect packing, perfect backpacks and other idealist value will not be fully appreciated until a person has traveled for years.

I guess you need to know what is bad before you can truly appreciate what is great.

This is the problem, how to prove to a person their packing and bag are a problem child? The problem of their methods may never appear, the problem may never happen.

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