Tourist Caused Panic Attack

Tourist Caused Panic Attack
I went into a restaurant called the Riverside here in Chang Mai the other night with my friend Travis. I suddenly had a panicky feeling, started to get weak, I felt disorientated and angry.

There were too many tourists in one location.

Chang Mai, Thailand
Friday, November 7, 2008
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I wish I were joking, I wish this were not a true experience. I will have to do some deep soul searching and introspection to try to understand how I feel about this situation.

Luckily we left the main Riverside Restaurant and went across the street to different version whereby we sat outside on the deck and I was comfortable.

As best can get in touch with my feelings, there is something about the situation that is opposite of why I travel, or maybe something I wish to escape.

Tourist Caused Panic Attack


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Or maybe it was simply the tourist mentality that as a hobo traveler you have made a concerted effort to make distance with.

Sounds like you need to light out for the territories. Maybe one of the stan countries such as Kyrgistan or Kazakstan. Wouldn't see many tourists there. I hear the Tien Shan mountains are beautiful this time of year.

It is not obvious, however I am now going towards Pucallpa, Peru. I have a plane ticket to the USA for Thanksgiving and one to Guatemala where I will make further plans to go to Peru. I need some special gear from the USA and will probably fly from Guatemala, buy the gear, then go to Pucallpa where I will go near less contacted tribes near the Brazil border as far away from civilization that is possible on planet earth. I will need to fly in with a small plane as there is no other way.

However, I am still amiss that I can feel so panicky around tourist people.

I am avoiding here saying more, I do not wish to express my opinions about something that will never change.

Well the jungles of Peru will get you off the tourist path. Personally, I'ld be a little worried of infectious tropical diseases. The central asian stan countries are remote, but apart from obnoxious bureaucracy not dangerous (not referring to afganistan or pakistan).

Riverside is the epicenter for all tourist in Chang Mai. I went to Chang Mai University and made it my point to stay clear of that place. To many other great restaurants on the same water way with far less loud people and better prices too ;)

It appears I needed to go where I should not be so I could learn where I should go.

I am glad to finally get started on my blog to share how I found a cure for panic attacks. I am normal (sometimes boring) 24 year old guy and I will be done this fall. If you want to know more about me then check out my about me page.

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