Somebody Needs to Warn

Somebody Needs to Warn
I attended a convention in Frankfurt, Germany a couple of years ago and left concerned about legal issues of copyright and violation of rights of people and companies.

Today I read an article about a German court temporarily taking down for a few days.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
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I want to prosper, continue to be a great resource of knowledge for the world. Presently their non-profit status protects them in a clouded way from mass copyright violations, as it is often legal to use copyrighted information for learning without a problem.

However, I was in one meeting in Frankfurt where they was discussing how to take photos of museum painitngs without being caught, this was could be interpreted as conspiracy to break a contract. There are many photos of mine that end up on and slowly over time, they put them in the wash cycle of the internet.

The young of the planet often fail to understand the true power of the world’s legal systems, whether it is music downloads, pirated software, or just stealing a photo from a site, there are limits to this behavior.

I do hope that implements a better oversight on legal procedures, one day this non-profit aspect of the site will not protect them. There member sent thousands of emails to intimidate the German legal system, this is not the way to do business. Just because you can do something, does not mean it the just and right thing to do, just because you feel to be on superior ground, does not give you the right. (hmmm Germany?)

The site has this “We are too big to fail Mentality,” and if anything history it telling us right now, even the big dogs can fail.

Somebody Needs to Warn


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I think there is a great hypocrisy in the mainstream media outlets. On the one hand they want people to pay for everything from a photo to music to a news article on the internet. On the other hand, they have no problem taking things from the internet without paying to use in profitable materials.

I have had bits of my blogs and diaries published without ever being asked. I see entire TV shows made up of clips from Youtube. The tabloids use pictures from internet sites or of internet sites for their gossip collumns. Worst, I think, is the music industry who rely upon the constant goodwill of young, vulnerable musicians uploading their own music to the internet. The music companies listen, like, and then offer the band a bad record deal, and then they claim to own the copyright to someone else's work.

I think my generation and the younger generations do not want to support such a corrupt system. I do not see why I should enrich someone else when I use their image in a non-profit venture, yet they will not enrich me if they use my work in a highly profitable venture. Many people have profited from the internet, many choose not to, including it's inventor.

To me, I think the lines are clear. If I am using something that will create profit for me, I will pay for it or ask permission to use it. If I am using it for my personal education or enjoyment, I do not think I should have to.

(Interestingly, Bill Gates mentioned in the past having a clear policy of tolerating piracy; Microsoft has the power to deal a big blow to piracy, but chooses to tolerate it because it helps their buisness expand!)

Not sure I understand Ash, if you use for our "enjoyment" is a wideopen use. I enjoy making money, therefore I will use about anything... hehehe

This is not an issue of groups rights, it is an issue of individual rights. I as one person need to be protected against the bigger group.

Funny to me, the whole world wants to volunteer free images, video, and photos to the mainstream media rich.

On Topic, is the "Mainstream Media," it is no longer just a bunch of kids, although Jimmy Wales putting up his breakup with a wome, would say it still is...

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