Glad to Know Thai People Lie

Glad to Know Thai People Lie
Walked out of the Hotel to flag down a Taxi, the driver says the airport is closed, he can take me close, but I will need to walk into the Airport… They PAD Yellow Shirt protester in Thailand are supposed to have seized the airport and closed it down.

No Mans Land
Left Thailand however not in the next Country
I am in the Incheon, Seoul, Korea Airport
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
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While in the Taxi, the driver turns on the Radio, he has already refused to turn on the Meter, I am held hostage for a 500 Baht Taxi trip, about double the normal, then about half the way to the airport he says,
“All flights cancelled.”
I say,
“Go Airport,”

He is angry, I do not care, he is a liar, it is the culture, but I am betting another 500 Baht Taxi trip, hours of waiting in traffic, mass confusion with a Taxi driver that will say anything to make the extra Baht. If he can convince me to turn around, he will earn 500 Baht for the trip, not have to make the trip and another fare for the return trip to Khao San Road.

If I turn around, I risk losing a 1000-dollar plane ticket from Bangkok to Indianapolis, Indiana, and missing Thanksgiving Dinner.

I know Thailand, I never would just trust a Thailand person, and for sure, I would not trust any Taxi driver on planet Earth.

The airport drop off area is closed, the PAD, the yellow shirt protest are lined up on the top deck of the airport, there are multiple road blocks, however we do go all the way to the airport. He drops at the lowest areas, truly the traffic was not that bad, just a confusing.

I got on the Korea Air flight to Seoul, there was no problem, life is good and I am out of Thailand.

The last thing I get to hear is a Thailand Taxi driver lying to me, but this is the culture, they will say about anything plausible, and if you buy it, you lose and you can go home saying,
"the Thailand people are so nice..."
-- aagh!

If I had trusted the Thailand culture to be honest, I would have missed a flight, missed Thanksgiving and maybe lost 1000 US Dollars.

Glad to Know Thai People Lie


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Not so sure he was lying Andy, maybe you got out just in time. Check the news...

I can say 100 percent sure all the airlines were still flying in and out of the airport all of November 25th, and for sure until November 26 at 200 hours.

Please do not think the press reports the truth.

I was there, it was open, but I also still say it is culturally normal that Thailand people lie when convenient.

It has been for years called the "Thai Lie," this is not a new comment, just a normal comment that I truly believe.

"I would not trust any Taxi driver on planet Earth."

Everyone who travels should know this. Locals are not always correct, especially when they stand to make money off of you.

Good advice.


Hi Andy - welcome back to the US! Have a great Thanksgiving.


Maybe a little harsh on the guy ? It's not like he was telling you the Royal Palace is closed and takes you to his friends jewelery shop.

He was merely translating to you what he was hearing on the news. 500 baht to take you into a potential war zone is cheap.

Seems you made it out just in time many flights delayed for hours or days and with the recent goverment protest ending in violence I'm sure your family would not have minded seeing you a day late rather than on time in a box.

Gobble Gobble

I have been in Iraq, I was in East Timor during a military coup.

I have told three guys in Ghana to go F@3k themselves.

I get the job done, I do not play games, I am effective.

I can smell bull S#$t and this was bull, I pushed and average boy taxi driver to do his job. I would have know danger ten times sooner than this idiot.

My parents know I will do good, I know I will do good. I do not know about the Taxi driver, he will forever just be less than average.

Andy said...

"I have been in Iraq, I was in East Timor during a military coup.

I have told three guys in Ghana to go F@3k themselves"..........

I have told three girls from NANA to go F@3k themselves....and they did.

Glad you made it. Now what if you where on the way to the Taj hotel in India and the taxi driver said it is to dangerous ?

Chuck, I have read enough of you comments to know you trust your instints, wisdom and experience.

Or you can just trust Taxi drivers...

A person has to make a weighted decision.

I was in Thailand in August. Yes, alot of people on the street lie. They tell you temples are closed, their meters are broken, etc. Unfortunately, it leaves a very bad impression of Thais.

Yes, I am glad I know Thai people lie... therefore I am not taken in by the lies.

You are completely right Andy!!!

This is one of thereasons that their culture and our western culture can clash so often.
For them lying is an everyday thing and for us it's a bad thing.

Know what also is the problem with Thais, they do not accept their own mistakes or faults, they all feel like they are the next reincarnation of Budha (I'm a budhist but not the the Thai way as that is NOT Budism!!!, so not a bad word about Budha from me) and are so perfect and without faults, they are never to blame.
Sad people, really sad.
I hope to get to know some normal Thai people one day as they must be hiding out somewhere in thailand, it can't be that all of them have such big ego's.

Lying is normal on the planet, however in Thailand it is considered the right thing to do, a lie stops the person from losing face by accepting reality. Now though it is used to make the reality the way they wish.

I think Western people lies even worst...

Anonymous said on Friday February 20th, 2009 03:59:00 PM
I think Western people lies even worst...

Oh yeah this were the dicks go.

i dont think he was lying cuz at the time Thailand was having protests and stuff going on and they did cancel all the flights and you probably got on one of the last flight before the people were protesting

dont judge anyone the taxi driver tries to help you because he thought the airport was closed by the protesters....

People want the easy path, I would say this is normal, therefore their words blur until they are a lie.

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