Chang Mai to Mae Sai Visa Run

Chang Mai to Mae Sai Visa Run
I paid 650 Baht for a round-trip mini-van ticket from Chang Mai to Mae Sai where I will cross today into Burma for a short timeand then return.

Chang Mai, Thailand
Thursday, November 6, 2008
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We leave at 7:00 am and are scheduled to be back in Chang Mai by 6:00 pm, I guess the whole trip round trip is 11 hours. When a person leaves Thailand and returns they get another 30 days permission to live in Thailand.

I am leaving on November 26, 2008 and flying to the USA, then 11 days later I fly to Guatemala.

Chang Mai to Mae Sai Visa Run


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Wish you could have done a little Hobo reporting from Mae Sai.

My understanding is the wonderful Thai goverment has given refuged to the Burmese that made it over the border the opportunity to work for 1/3 Thai wages. about 1.25 USA dollars day . Minus food of course.

You can't miss these sight's if cross the border. I know it is a travel blog but you give your opinion quite easily when it does not affect Thailand. Could you be possible afraid to say something negative about Thailand ?

Hey no problamos. I see what they do to ppeople who EVEN JOKE about the KING.....God forbid. Let me say for the record "Chuck W0W" loves the KING" kapoon krap

No about Mai Sai. What to do ? can't send them back ? they are making the Thai Money ? Moral conundrum ? oops what if a Thai's see this ? Off goes Andy's Visa ?

delete if you want......not sure how paranoid you are.

if you where and Illegal alien in the USA you could call 911 and complain about the white people making too much noise on Christmas Eve and they would come and arrest them and ask is there anything else.....

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