America Does Have an Economic Problem

America Does Have an Economic Problem
Want to see a real “Economic Crisis,” I know you listen to the news reporters who will make anything into a controversy and arguments because of their greee for money.

Go look at these 25 photos about the Zimbabwe Money and what Hyperinflation can do to a country. This is a what a real "Economic Crisis" looks like.

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation

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Sunday, November 2, 2008
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As best I understand today about Hyperinflation, it becomes highly possible to happen when the government of a nation spends enough money in one year to equal one-third of the gross national products of the country.

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America Does Have an Economic Problem


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Note in the early pictures the expiry date printed on the currency. This is a desperate attempt at clawing back value: if people forget to change their currency for newer currency in time, it becomes obsolete, which in a tiny wat helps the economy. However, Zimbabwe is corrupt, and reports show the expiry dates are widely ignored.

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