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I was in my parents car, returning from Indianapolis where 23 USA family members became larger. I asked Dad,
“Please honk the horn twice so I feel at home.”

I have been traveling so long, that when I am in quiet place like the USA it is uncomfortably quiet, chaos is normal, the USA is abnormal.

Orland, Indiana
Friday, November 28, 2008
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Just an hour before I was standing in front of the Comfort Inn. While I was waiting for my 75-76 year old parents to find their way out of the Hotel. Another older couple exits the Hotel and before I can turn around they say,
“Good Morning, how are you?”

What planet am I on? This is not planet earth I know. Oh yes, I am in the USA; I am in Indiana, a true island of hospitality on planet earth.

I fumbled around with the older couple, finally coughed up and said,
“Fine, thank you, Happy Thanksgiving”

I do hope the USA citizens are thankful, because they really should thank the good Gods for being a lucky sperm to be born in the USA.

Beep The Horn Dad


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That was cool. Enjoyed your unceremoniously celebration of the Indiana-Kentucky respect for life between each other. Always it is true, the way you treat your brother is the way you feel about yourself. Which says everything about Indiana residents state of mind and their ability to extend hospitality.

I will see you on the 8th.

The best to your family and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Later Jack

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