Surfing Site with Plus

Surfing Site with Plus
A reader made a humorous comment saying,
I'm surfing your site without ads using "adblock plus"
(On State of the Union)

I found this genuinely interesting, I have no desire to stop advertisements when I surf, however it is amusing to try to empathize or understand the people who do wish to stop advertisements.

Hmm, I feel a sense of darkness, a deep vast black area.. hehehe

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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I remember 10 years ago in Mexico, I allowed a girl from England to use my computer to check her emails. She used which is free to use, however suddenly she became angry,
“Why are their advertisements on my email page?”

I tried my best to explain,
“Hotmail is FREE, they give you free use of email that is paid for by advertisements, and you do not need to click on them.”

“Without the advertisements, you would need to pay for your email.“
In addition, I proceeded to tell her a couple of ways to buy emails service, knowing well that this person wanted something for nothing.

Surfing Site with Plus


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Luckily these ads will one day disappear thanks to Adblock, just like the pop up ads did. I understand you make your money from ads, but don't you feel like you sold out to the "man". You lose some creative control on what you can write. Google does dictate certain guidelines. I've never tried Adblock but it sounds like a good idea and thanks for the link. I do surf some sites that have banned ads altogether and find them a delight without all the clutter. But I guess you need the ads to survive and travel. So its a blessing for you.

Too funny, I for sure do not feel like I sold out to Google or any other advertisers. The wonderful thing about the advertisements by google is they are obviously advertisements.

I am laughing, if there is a way to stop the advertisements from being shown, there is also a way to stop you from reading the site.

My point is this, people should be adult enough, responsible enough, wise enough to not click on advertisements unless they want too.

I am positve that this service will not prosper or stop all advertisements, it is truly a greedy, self-cented, egotistical, mean spirited thing to stop advertisments that allow you to read for free.

I truly do not care if readers read or do not read the blog, because I am not beholding to any advertisers.

NOTE: Remember, we still can have other type of advertising that you may or many not know exist.

Travel Magazines and Travel Sites normally, NOT MINE, but normally have articles tha are inserted and the person writing get paid. I am offered money continuously to write about some tour and they will pay me, I could live for free 100 percent of the time if I would accept or ask for free rooms.

I do none of this, this is selling out for greed.

When you stop advertisments on your pages you view, you are the one being greeed. Outrageously greedy as you deny the opportunity for a person to make money. Understand there is nobody forcing you to click on advertisements.

I do see a small value in some African countries where the internet is so slow nothing load to stop graphics from loading. I would recommend to them to get a text browser.

So, I see what you propose as evil, to want to read for free, and deny a company from opportunity, however you benefit. Truly Nazi is desire.

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