Japanese Comic Book Girls are R-Rated

Japanese Comic Book Girls are R-Rated
I read many comic books when I was younger, however I doubt my Mother would have approved of these Japanese ones. I am not sure what happens, I think the real thing may be illegal here in Japan so they suffice with Comic Books.

Look at the photo.
Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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This is like Hooters with a twist, people go to Hooter and pretend they do not understand the name, I suppose a kid can say,’
“Mom it is just a comic book, gee whiz.”

Funny observation on the real side, the Japanese girls here in Japan are ten times better looking than the hippie dippie Japanese girls of Khao San Road in Thailand. I often thing only the runts of the litter ever leave a country and travel.

Japanese Comic Book Girls are R-Rated


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I believe Japanese comic-pornography is normally called 'hentai' in the west (see wiki ). I remember one of my japanese friends telling me once that it is (used to be?) illegal to show the male phallus in Japan, so in comic pornography there tend to be tentacled monsters instead...

I met a Japanese man in Taipei, Taiwan in the Hostel. His English was superb, I asked,
"Why do you feel a need to learn English."

He said and this was a Joke, his English was very good,
"To surf for P-rn"
I made a joke why and he said it was censored in the Japanese language.

Andy, try finding a "bura-sera" shop. Only in Japan.....

Makes Thailand look like a convent.

Hey Chuck !

First rule of "bura-sera" club is NEVER talk about Bura Srea club.

Once the USA gets wind of anything it doesn't understand it gets banned dummy !

I am in a Hostel, this is not the wise bunch of traveler here, this is at the Naive American level of knowledge.

I will try to see if anybody here knows, I assume the one manager knows he is very smart. However, I may get kicked out of the Hostel for asking the question... hehehe

I am always amazed how some of you learn all this information. I am curious about it, however do not actively look for this stuff, I just have big ears and learn accidentally a lot of trivia information.

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