Iraq War Was Not a Mistake

Iraq War Was Not a Mistake
I went to Iraq in August - September of 2003, shortly after the major fighting ended. I was 18 years old when the Vietnam War ended, I had a draft card, however I never went.

I do take offense from Obama and consider it an insult to the country when he calls Iraq a mistake, I have been there and it was not a mistake. I spent 30 day there, entering from Silopi, Turkey traveling by land to Basrah by way of group taxi, bus and train.

Here is a video from a Soldier in Iraq that will make you shiver.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, October 16, 2008
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I also know the Vietnam War was a success, we stopped the Chinese from coming down into all of Southeast Asia to dominate these countries. We successfully stopped what was called the domino theory and one of the reasons for the war.

I did not have to go and fight, I know I am lucky, however I consider it bad form, and bad manners to talk the way many people do about Iraq or Vietnam or any war. People die in War and right or wrong, they deserve respect.

I was young and foolish at age 18, I was disrespectful to the soldiers, I protested and complained, I made a fool of myself. I felt very foolish years later when I went to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and studied the war. I realized I was protesting at age 18 and had no idea what the war was even about, this is my shame, and I will remember this for the rest of my life.

I do understand that a person can be like Obama and not really understand the full implications of their words. I also know what it feels like to open my mouth and speak without thinking,

Thanks to the Soldiers, they went in my stead.

Iraq War Was Not a Mistake


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Well, you just lost my subscription. I've been following your website for well over a year now and thought you to be more realistic in your views.

ANY Pre-emptive war is a mistake.

Your blog just turned into some kind of wacko, right wing, FOXNews junk and I've lost respect.

We all have different opinions. Nothing wrong with that. It is silly to not respect other people's opinions. After all, they are just opinions, not FACTS. Hence, we cannot state this or that is right or wrong, it all depends on the viewpoint of the person. It is just something relative, not absolute. A FACT, on the other hand, is absolute.

Andy here.. whoever "me" is maybe is on the right track.

I see the tone and way that Obama deal with this issue as over the line of good manner and respect. However, he is young and wants to be President, he is under great pressure to use this tactic. Is it Presidential, this is the question, I am always wishing the President candidates could rise above this, however it never seems to happen that way.

I am laughing, the economy will be bad for the next four years. Whoever is in the office may well find the people will blame whoever is President for the problem.

I tend to doubt either person will get more than four years.

Fact and Mistakes, interesting stuff, I do feel it is a Mistake and Bad form to critisize the Soldiers.

Good post. People were all behind both wars when things were giong well. When mismanagement caused each war to drag on, public support was lost, increasing the power of our enemy.

The next 4 years will be interesting, unfortunately. Lets just hope that 4 years from now someone who would be good for this country will run for pres.

Bob L

am opposed to your stance on War, but I respect your right to express it. I will continue to read your blog.

Now, just because thousands of young, impressionable men and women are brainwashed to believe their country right or wrong, or that GW Bush is a good world leader doesn't make the wars they fight right.

History will judge. And history has judged the Vietnam War (which they call the American War in Vietnam) to have been a waste of men and material.

The Domino effect was a ruse, sold by the War Mongers to the American Public. War is about economics, and now millions have been squandered on Iraq. Whatever McCain or Obama says this "war" has contributed to the current economic situation.

I will never criticize the soldiers, but the wars they fight is fair game.

"Politicians rise above"? Surely you jest. In the latest Indiana debate Jill Long (D candidate for Gov) was tearing into Mitch (current R Gov) all night long. After one especially tough response he looked at Jill and said,"I've been hoping to see a kinder, gentler you all evening, but I guess it's not gonna happen".

Just answer the question Mitch...

And I agree, once Obama is elected President he will have to shoulder the weight of the current administrations folly. I hope and pray he will be up to the job.

The Chinese were not able to invade South, however they are invading the world. They truly are an industrious and conquering nation.

I met tons of Chinese people in West Africa, I was always wishing I would see Americans.

The Global community is a very large cookie to understand what you are seeing or eating.

Hmm, I know Jill Long, I did not know she was running for Gov. I read the comment, then realized at what level of office you was talking about.

I know many of the Politicians in Indiana personally.

Two things you do not want to understand how it works. Politics and Sausage.

You can take a boy out of the country.....

The Arabs are afraid of the same Domino effect from America imposing democracy in the Middle east. You have a succeful middle eastern democacy and people in neighboring land get first hand nolage of what freedom is it could spread and they would lost the crushing control and $$ of it's people. Hell woman can't even drive a car in Saudi Arabia and a routinely put to death for things that a normal everyday routines for women in the USA... 50 years from Now the history books will talk about how George Bush brought Freedom to the middle eastern People. All of them and how the world is a much safer place because George Bush sacrificed being popular in the moment to be Hero for the ages.

Hmm, Chuck Wow, amazing accurate understanding of the Global political situation.

You have commented enough, said enough to let me know you have a way above travel knowledge of the world.

I guess the moral of the story is this.

Travel the worlds, sleep with their women and drink their beer and you will be 10 times smarter than the average American reading books and working sitting home and complaining.

I would personally have qualified the war as a mistake purely by quantitative measures of the conditions of the country prior to and after the invasion.

If the people are more unsafe afterwards - and they were (and still are I believe), then it can be judged a failure. If running water and electricity fail then

Bringing democracy to the world is a noble cause, but that wasn't the motivation for the war (it was more about taking saddam out). Democracy is great, but safety, security and clean running water are preferable.

I noticed a huge number of the richer Iraqis queuing up to be let into dubai - an often vicious dictatorship because more than democracy they wanted running water and safety for their children.

I don't believe it is necessarily a mistake or in bad form to criticize the troops. I believe that it might be true that immunizing them from criticism can do more damage than not, in fact.

It's a peculiarly American trait to claim that "criticizing soldiers is wrong". Few other countries have this. I believe that it's a cultural taboo created in order to help justify overt military aggression.

it follows quite closely a taboo or moral fashion as described by this guy -

I saw a mass grave with 2700 people that Sadaam Killed, that was all I needed to see. He was the same as Hitler or Pol Pot and I am 100 percent sure history will show this, not even 99 percent, I am positive this is a fact.

Then again, I have seen a mass grave and the majority of the planet cannot and should not feel what it is like to see this.

The future will say the USA stopped a person who committed genocide.

A mass grave by Saddam? Yes,I guess he should have been "taken out".

But at what cost Andy?

Current documented civilian Iraqi deaths in this war is 96,000.

Estimates are well over a million Iraqi civilians dead because of our "intervention". to take Saddam out.

They may not be in a mass grave, but they are dead none the less.

There were no WMD's, we were lied to. We are sticking around trying to clean up the mess WE created.

I am amazed at the naive belief in the reports by the press. This is the problem, I saw the truth and you all think you know the truth.

Of course Andy, that's your trump card. You went to Iraq when others haven't.

But you were there during the "Mission Accomplished" stage. When the country was high on America, before the "occupation".

How about returning for a little more current update?

I'm sure, biased liberal news or not, you would find a different Iraq, not so kind or gentle.

To quote you Hoz,
"I'm sure, biased liberal news or not,"

To quote me,
"This is the problem, I saw the truth and you all think you know the truth."

I was there, nobody believe, I can go there and you would not believe. Because as I said,
"You all think you know the truth."

I do not have a trump card, it is obvious that you do not trust me.

Hi Mr. Andy,
I never really thought about it before now. Are the folks you bump into in person, of the same ilk as you see here? I can imagine conversations, Lordy! Some of them would hold my attention for about as long as it took me to light up a cigar. Ild have to bring along my faded jean jacket as an ice breaker..hehe. I got it from Okinawa 30 years ago. Embroidered on the back, a caricature of a battle weary US Marine with a drunken grin, toting an M60. Its says, "Marines never die, they just go to hell and regroup".
A man that stands for nothing, will fall for anything.
I have an awful hard time finding what represents the moral center of some folks that respond to you.
Frankly, from my experience, they are usually dull as dishwater in a conversation anyway.
Take care farmboy


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