Finding Hyperinflation Countries

Finding Hyperinflation Countries
I wrote a post a week ago about “Traveling to where the dollar is strong. "

I have been mixed up on this for years, I finally have the correct way of viewing this problem that affects the value of the dollar exchange. What I need to do is find countries that have Hyperinflation.

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Friday, October 17, 2008
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I just discovered that Zimbabwe had Hyperinflation in 2007, maybe is still having this serious problem.

I know this is bad for a country; however, it is a windfall for a traveler.

I put a Google Alert for Hyperinflation, if this word pops up on the internet, then Google will send me an email.

I am happy; I hope I have found the way to follow this windfall for a traveler’s budget.

This is really best understood when you plan to visit every country on the planet.

Finding Hyperinflation Countries


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Zim still has this problem. It's at something like 220 million percent, possibly much higher.

I have a friend from there who tells me what life is like there sometimes. He said that it is so high that if you buy a beer at the beginning of a round of golf, it will be a fair bit cheaper than if you buy it at the end.

Most real trade is done there in dollars. My friend's parents are doctors and they won't accept local currency.

Hyperinflation probably makes it a good place to visit if it's in double figures. When it reaches six figures I'm not so sure it will help any more.

You should definitely spend your money quickly if you do go, as every second its value depreciates.

I wonder how the currency of Iceland is faring now that the country is close to bankruptcy. The value of their currency dropped in half before it stopped trading.

My google alerts says nothing yet on Iceland. I think the gold selling people though try to scare people and talk about hyper-inflation, so I get many alerts from companies wanting to sell gold.

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