Broadband Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test
I rent rooms in Hotels, when I am extremely lucky I have a broadband connection inside my room that allows me to make telephone calls using I want to know before I enter a room if the broadband speed is sufficient to use

I found a Broadband Speed test; I would like to get some feedback and opinions.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Friday, October 17, 2008
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I have written many comments on the speed of internet; I find this below of little value.

This jobby does not work.

It can say about anything and still the connection is slow or fast, there seem to be only a small correlation between this and the true speed, probably because I am always sharing an internet connection.

You will be always sharing a connection in a Hotel room; at night between the hours of 7 and 11, the internet will be slower. If this is the time you want to use the internet, then you need to do test at this time of night. The fastest connections I experience are between the times of midnight and six in the morning.

I found this on a Broadband Speed Test on a web site by accident called, which also appears to be great resource for information on Thailand.

Please tell me, what do you think, can it replace my test.

If I were really in need of a high-speed connection, I would go to a Hotel, connect at about 8:00 PM at night to their internet connection and try to make a and listen or experience the quality.

Here is the link to the test.
Link to Broadband Speed Test Index Page Thailand Visa

Many links of similar type test below, I want to know if this is really going to show me how fast or slow my connection is, I share connections, this should go up and down as more people are sharing the connection. What happens when I move from connection to connection, does one test that does not care where I am located?


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Broadband Speed Test


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If you are testing your broadband speed with the intention of using Skype, it's better to use the Skype call testing service instead.

Add the contact 'echo123' to your contacts, and call it when you log on. It will say something to you, ask you to say something back and then repeat back to you what you said.

This has the advantage of being an end to end test - checking that bandwidth is sufficient and the connection isn't too laggy, but also that your headphones/mic are both hooked up and working properly.

Yes, this does work in a way, however it does not tell me the top limits of speed.

I guess I could chart it.

Do this test.
See what the Broadband speed was.

Then start to find the high and lows of functioning proper.

I need to find places quicker with the and EXTRA high broadband speed so when it slows to other guest in the Hotel I can still use skype.

Skype doesn't use much bandwidth anyway - sub dial up levels typically. It will be lag and intermittent connection breaks that kill your conversation. Bandwidth will correlate with that, but won't necessarily dictate it.

I guess by checking out the bandwidth and seeing that there's enough for you and everybody else in the hotel who could potentially use the connection you can call knowing that your conversation won't die when somebody else logs on.

Some newer routers have special rules that give priority quality of service to SIP (the standard voice protocol) so it might be worth trying out some SIP software as well as skype. When I go traveling I plan to take both.

Also, Skype has a tendency to do all sorts of funny wrangling to disguise its traffic - that usually serves to make it work in almost all cases, but often at the expense of call quality/reliability.


The thing about broadband speed tests is that they just give you a snapshot for the brief time that you run the test. Obviously broadband speed depends on lots of factors; any of the tests should give you a fair idea of speed, but not much more than that. For what it's worth, here's another one that we wrote that we think is pretty accurate:

Let me know what you think.


I tried it, it does not appear to work in Thailand.

I am startting to feel that all of these test do not work, I think they more or less PING the servers and the speed of return is measured. Now because I am in Thailand this is not going to work good with a British company.

I am starting to think, I must take the longer time and get on Skype and make a telephone call at about 8:00 PM or 2000 hour when the local conditions are busy to test my speed ability.

I have found the Connection speed of my internet on the site named All the Details are very fast the downloading speed domain search etc..

see the difference from this interesting FREE speedo tests to external servers

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