When Street Level Sucks buy a Condo

When Street Level Sucks buy a Condo
I never understood why the world has this love of Condos, I finally understand why, when street level sucks so bad, they only way to escape is up, then you go up to buy a Condo.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thammasat Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Sunday, September 7, 2008
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I have never been in cities long enough to learn to hate them or the people in them, and I still do not hate them. However, I do realize if for some doomsday reason I ever needed to live in a large city, maybe I would buy a Condo. I mean, I would want to skyrocket myself to the highest floor possible, and maybe,
“I could forget I am a city.”

Spoken like a true country boy, I have never understood the city.

When Street Level Sucks buy a Condo


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A city is where us country people wish all the excess people of the world would go (and stay) to stay out of our way.

Bob L

I think you are getting your wish Bob, the people of the world migrate to a city. Then even though the city is already too crowded, they build up, the normal level seems to be about 10 stories, and in some cities like Manila and Beijing they go up to I would suppose 100 stories. There is no land to build out, so they build up.

It is a way of managing a city to help alleviate the increasing number of slums or shanty towns. On the other hand, I am not sure what will happen when a Condo project becomes 50-70 years old, do they just become vacant buildings. In the USA where there are large amounts of open land, they tear down old buildings and erect new ones. However on most of the planet, they will build a high rise building in the middle of nowhere, and pack if full of people. I am in a high rise 10 story building, this building is the older one, it has a high vacancy rate, and they shut down the restaurant, the swimming pool, and other benefits, not because of the building, because there are newer, higher building near the center.

The developers have opted to sell condos units and they do not build homes. Quite the opposite of the USA, where the majority of developers build home project, in many countries they build Condo projects.

It is good I suppose, they do encourage general herd of people who do not think about their quality of life to center in one location, to allow the people out in the country to have more land and enjoy life to the fulless.

High rise condo's are bad for your health in Pattaya. 2s week do not go bye when someone "Accidentally" fell or committed "Suicide" because of a broken heart the Police often sight. I can understand an occasional fall from all the parting that goes on there but who could possible die of a broken heart in Pattaya when the cure is only 1,000 baht !!! :) = $ 29.50

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