Tourist as Cultural Lab Rats

Tourist as Cultural Lab Rats
There was maybe a dozen people who went out partying last night, many arrived back to the Hostel around 5-7 am.

Friday night to Saturday Morning.

It is the Weekend, they must go part they are conditioned to do so...

Seoul, South Korea
Saturday, September 27, 2008
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None of these Tourist Rat subject are working or have any reason to differentiate between a Friday night and a Monday night. This group in a Classical Conditioning manner all decided Friday night was party night.

As a traveler or a tourist the days of week fuse, I place zero priority on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday they are just another day in my life.

However there are few travelers who ever lose they Rat Lab Conditioning.

Tourist as Cultural Lab Rats


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Koreans wok up in 1988 and have yet to go to sleep.

Hi Andy.

I wonder if it is not a case of preference vs. conditioning. I.e. the partygoers taking into account when the general population would be out partying as well?

From experience I would say that most people that go out drinking (or whatever) tend to want it to be a social event, thus Friday's does lend it towards that purpose, now doesn't it?


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