Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat

Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat
The big luxury buyers of Sailboats who sailed the Caribbean are probably having second thoughts, I think there are many people saying,
“Dear, I think we should sell our Sailboat.”

Luxury items like a sailboat I believe will start to get very cheap.

I wish to explore the Islands of the planet, the only way feasible and intelligent is by living on a Sailboat, for me it is not a luxury, it would be a Hobo Hideout.

Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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I know of three locations where maybe I can find owners of boats who may wish to sell cheap, or have someone take over their payments.

Rio Dulce in Guatemala
Trinidad and Tobago.

I am never sure on how to buy, however it does appear to be a good time to help a person with a sailboat get relief, and a benefit to me… hehehe

I pay between 500 and 1200 US per month for rent, I could use this to pay for a boat.

Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat


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Andy on a sailboat? Now that would be some good blogging!

Check outZac Sunderland Blog, Zac is a 16 yr old currently trying to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world. Currently bound for India originally out of Marina Del Rey, Ca.


Aye, Aye Captain,

First mate ready for action!


Andy, the gulf coast of Texas is actually a very good place to find affordable used sailboats. From there you could sail down the coast of Mexico and into the Carribean. Get tired of that and then sail over to the Mediterranean. It would certainly beat Asia.

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