The Lotus is the Travelers Flower

The Lotus is the Travelers Flower
The Lotus often called a Water Lily, it is also the Travelers flower.

There is a saying,
“He who taste of the Lotus will travel and never return home.”

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Friday, September 5, 2008
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The Lotus is a never ending mystery to me, the Lotus is a symbol woven into many countries heritages and religions. However, there are travel stories originating around the comic book Tin Tin whereby he learns of the Blue Lotus. The Blue Lotus is an Opium Den, and once you enter it is hard to leave, and so is travel, it is an addition.

Once you taste the life of a traveler, you will never be able to return home…

There is no point in running Tin Tin, you can never go home…

The Lotus is the Travelers Flower


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The lotus flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

It is not as exotic as your flower pic, but I just took a picture of a moon flower and posted it yesterday.

It's a "thank you flower" to a guy named Steve. Feel free to offer blog related advice or nature photography advice to us. (:

I went to your blog, I subscribed by email using your link, I suppose ther is a way for me to offer this also because my feed is now part of the Google / Feedburner system.

Nature Photography, it is fun to take photos, I took this photo when the sun was almost directly above. However, I could see a bright coloration of the flowers, this is what made me feel there was a photo.

I find that the optical zoom is a real help, the close up photos with the macro thing on helps, but a photo from about 5-10 feet away whereby you zoom in seems to focus better.

There is a need to allow a digital camera to focus or maybe collect the colors before you snap, just one small movement changes the lighting of a digital camera. I can really see how moving the camera just fractions of an inche changes the quality of the photo when I am looking at the photo screen on the camera.

I am saying, if you are taking a nature photo, it is not going to move, you can experiment with just fractional movements of the camera to help bring out the colors.

When we were in the Bin Than market in Saigon we saw many posters and plaques with this TinTin guy. I hadnever heard of him. Thanks for the explanation!

This is a Lotus Flower.., your picture is a Lily Water. Just like me, some people prefer to name it as lotus..

thanks for nice & informative blog.

Thanks for the great pictures of lotus or water lilies. Andy in Japan today.

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