The Fundamentals of the Economy are Sound

The Fundamentals of the Economy are Sound
Hmm, I keep dwelling on this statement, I heard it from Obama and McCain in sound bites the last few days.

I think the problems is this, it has nothing to do with business,
“The Fundamentals of people are wrong.”

The economy of any country is about the people...

Taipei, Taiwan
Friday, September 19, 2008
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I would say the problems is more about
“Moral Bankruptcy.”

We are in a world where fame, prestige, cleverness to earn money in any way is applauded and where just being a good person is considered being stupid.

The Fundamentals of the Economy are Sound


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Fundamentals strong?? I don't know. Studying history suggests depressions are caused by 1. Massive overspeculation 2. Failure of govt. to take decisive steps to prevent economic collapse.
We certainly had massive overspeculation. Hopefully the announcement(huse bailout) by Bush and Hank Paulson will prevent the 2nd part. Supposed to be the biggest US socialism move since FDR's new deal. I know some conservatives will hate the idea, but I think Bush has done ok this time around and may prevent full on economic disaster.

My favorite news headline of the day: "The Transformation of the USA into the USSRA (United States Socialist Republic of America) Continues at Full Speed".

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