Outside the 20 Foods We Eat

Outside the 20 Foods We Eat
“There are 250,000 known plant species in the world, but only 20 of them provide 90% of our food.”
-- Edenfoundation.com

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Sunday, September 7, 2008
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I was told my Josef of the Eden Foundation in Sahara, Desert of the country of Niger, West Africa that 20 species of plants provide 90 percent of the planets food. Whenever, I walk into a food market, I am now haunted by his words, and of course I actively look around for the non-twenty foods.

Easy to find some interesting foods in Thailand, of course I do not know their names, and even if I learn their Thailand names, how do I get that name translated into English.

Many type of strange and unusual vegetables and fruits.

Well, another one, who knows what they are?

I guess there are 250,000 know species of plants on the Earth, even more rare to me are the number of honest and good NGO Non Governmental Organization that may be doing good work. As best I can determine, the Eden Foundation is doing good work trying to help stop malnutrition near the Sahara Desert of Niger, West Africa.

Niger now ranks are the lowest developed country on the planet according to the Human Development Index.

A very rare specie, an NGO that is doing something to help the the world.

Outside the 20 Foods We Eat


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Hi Mr. Andy,
You going to be in Taiwan soon with the subject of nutrition on your mind. You might be interested in looking up Spirulina and Chlorella. They are still fairly new on the radar screen but so far being called superfoods. Spirulina for one thing, a plant that is over 60% protein. I like it so far the last 3 or 4 months.

Hello I know Joseph Garvi is the brother in Garvi
how are you Andy so when are you going back to Niger

It looks to me like the fruit in the second photo is Guava and the fruits in the third photo are lanzones. (very tasty)

If you post the Thai names of the fruit we can be your little investigators and go Google them to find the English names ;-)

i for one am very curious to know the names of new fruit and veggies. I'd love to know what the fruit in the first picture is. It looks like citrus?

I will see about this idea of putting Thailannd names, or any country I am located in names. I am not sure how well the Thailand name would go in the comments box. Hmm, I can test now with a Chinese word and see what is does.


Yes, that works, however to find the English equivalent is the problem. I think you call this a problem of transliteration.

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