National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack

National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack
I walked into a Camera shop here in Seoul and happened up on a National Geographic Backpack, being the semi-paparazzi person I am I pulled out my camera and took photos. Quite a funny experience to be taking photos inside a Camera shop.

Seoul, South Korea
Thursday, September 25, 2008
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I felt a sense of sadness and let down when I inspected this Backpack by National Geographic. I have always held National Geographic is high esteem, however this backpack was a complete emotional letdown, a true disaster.

The name of this bag is the “Earth Explorer Backpack.”

In my experience, the further you get from civilization, the more you need a secure bag to protect your valuables from theft. I am an explorer in many ways, I truly feel this bag is about the last bag on the planet would ever consider using.

National Geographic

I would say a marketing gimmick, playing on the Safari color stereotype of some old time Tarzan movie.

National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack


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Looks like the kinda thing that is given away free with a subscription or donation. The reciever would then give it to a child so that they can play explorer.

Bob L

it's not authentic,right?!?!

I believe this bag is real. The storefront advertises on the front of the store "National Geographic."

Korea is more expensive the USA and I believe very status conscious.

Click on the National Geographic link in the post to see the price. The cost is either 400 or 200, I do not know if large or medium, I will go check the price.

Very ugly bag. Too many pockets and daisy chains. What R those big rings for?

Looks like a status symbol for the uninitiated.


The only true advance feature, really is the snaps.

Snaps require a special tool to install, and 90 percent of the soft traveler bags require nothing but a sewing machine to make.

In many ways packs are becoming simpler in design and manufacturing so the factories do not need need specialized knowledge or machines.

This bag is made to be sold only the name of National Geographic, I am just sad that National Geographic would stoop this low.

Doesn't sound like anyone posting has tried any NG gear. It may "look" inadequate, but actually works quite well. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Is it the "best" out there? Probably not, but I carry several thousands of dollars worth of pro gear in a NG bag and have no complaints.

I have traveled perpetually for 10 years and this equipment does not needed tested. It is obviously flawed for a person that goes to dangerous places. I know backpacks, and this one is only to make you look special, it is not for an experienced traveler.

I agree with you. Not only is the bag in itself a let down but the price is ridiculously high for what you get.

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