Misanthropist Love Travel

Misanthropist Love Travel
Are you somebody who hates people; somebody who hates humanity, or who dislikes and distrusts other people and tends to avoid them.

If so, then become a traveler, you can avoid intimate relationships, and if by chance, you do get close to someone by accident, you just leave, no worries as you leave saying,
“I am a traveler, I leave, that is what I do.”

When you do not share a common language, it is like two dogs smelling each other, there is no need to care, unless the other dog wishes to bite.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine over Skype.com yesterday, discussing the word Gajin in Japan, or maybe Farang in Thailand when it hit me…

“I know why people think Thailand people love them.”
“I know why people would think Japanese people love them.”

A true understanding of a culture comes only with intimate relationships within that culture.

A Misanthropist would love to travel, for example, I speak very little of the Thailand language, and Thailand people speak almost zero English. It is amazing place, there is almost zero need to ever talk with a Thailand person. Yes, you can point and say something like
“Chicken Fried Rice.”

Then hope they understand, or just expect the Thailand people to say,
“Same Same.”
When something else comes, and you say,
“But Different.”

There is no meeting of the minds, only meeting of the cash.

I speak Spanish and French, and many words in Thai, Portuguese, and many a Hello in many languages. I like people, therefore I must learn the language, and at least meet them halfway.

However, as I said, Travel is great for people who despise friends, to not want commitment, want to be free of any intimate social problem. You can truly be anonymous, a true nothing with the world.

I know of many a person I have met on the road who do their best to not talk with anybody, they just go about their day, and nobody can bother them because there is no shared language.

I suppose if you Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Mother or Father wants to move to another country to live, ask yourself,
“Does this person hate people?”

Misanthropist Love Travel


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An interesting thot, some Travelers hate people. And yet Mark Twain said

"Travel is fatal to prejudice,bigotry and narrow-mindedness."

All of which imply human interaction.


Prejudice and Bigotry go hand in hand, a bigot is a person that has prejudices.

I will go along with Mark on the Narrowminded part, not sure I agree on the Prejudice and Bigotry part.

Hard to take some cultures serious.

HI Mr. Andy,
Whew! Not exactly a word you will hear at the supper table. I had to study up on that one. From the little bit Ive read I would conclude on my own, the term roughly describes Ted Kaczynski types(aka Unabomber). Certainly not the footloose and fancy free, king of the road hobo.
What I read is apparently an occupational hazard of being an author. They were the examples cited almost exclusively that become befuddled, mind boggled and extremely exasperated with humankind. Curious lack of Kings of Industry or Wizards of Wallstreet or some such doer not dreamer.
Being a huge Star Trek fan, I hesitate to say a misanthrope would seem to be most comfortable in the make believe world back at Star Fleet Command. There is no more hunger or sickness, all species speak the same language, dress in uniform, have a common mission or goal, and a simple voice command to some omnipotent computer will meet every need. IN a nutshell I dont believe a traveling hobo misanthropist could live by his wits, dealing with the real world toe to toe Absolutley not to the degree of a hobo on lifelong expedition. Just seems a misanthrope would bust a gasket somewhere along the line.
I just had a thought!
Might misanthropist best describe TOURIST?? hehe.
Take care farmboy.

Very interesting post there Andy. I would imagine that someone that hated people would have to be quite content with them self. I could imagine the internal struggles that one might have and I'm certainly glad that I am free of that.

With that said I don't hate people in general, just certain people.

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