Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel

Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel
The number one reason to live in Hostels is NOT the cheap prices.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
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The value of a Hostel is you get introduced to the world, here in Taiwan at the going by the name of TaiwanMex I have on a regular basis spoken with,
- Finnish Man studying in Chinese
- Two Korean Girls on Vacation
- A Hong Kong couple on four day visit to Taiwan
- Three Japanese boys, two studying and one on vacation.
- USA black man, truly a culture that is becoming foreign
- Mexican, Raul the half owner of the Hostel
- Taiwan Magos, the women half owner of Hostel

A Hostel is a good place to accidentally meet people, a great way to meet the world. I am lucky Magos is from Taiwan, this in some ways the most difficult culture to meet in a Taiwan Hostel because the Taiwanese people do not have a reason to live in Hostels.

What I really wished the world would recognize about a Hostel that is so wonderful is the community spirit. Because they are often homes, we share a television, a kitchen, and the shower, we share our lives together and this is a good thing.

Note, I have a single room with air conditioning, however it does have a shared shower, the room cost 600 Taiwan whatever’s and dorms start at 10 U.S. Dollars.

Where do people of the planet meet in the most disarming way?
“The Kitchen.”

I just exchanged email address’s with the Hong Kong couple, it was a good day.

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Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel


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Hi Mr. Andy,
Must be something universally appealing about the atmosphere of a kitchen. Ild also include the ever popular back porch grill or BBQ. Of course those only if you cant have a campfire, cooking hotdogs and marshmallows, my menu choices at least.
In such a situation how ellaborate do travelers usually get in cooking meals? There must be an awful lot of swapping some of this for a little bit of that.
Take care farmboy


Generally there is a common area of supplies like Salt, Pepper and a few spices. They often have a Free area where stuff is put that is left from other travelers.

Some hostels have individual screeneed locker for food stuff so that each resident can store their items.

Sometime in refridges they either want you to mark your name and date on the items, or they can give you a plastic tray if the fridge is really huge.

Swapping goes on and downright stealing, you have to be careful with food when people come home drunk from the bars.

Generally all is good will, one man I met in Oaxaca Mexico made enough money to live in a Hostel by cooking for a group and selling common meals for 1 dollar per plate.

The bigger the kitchen, generally the better the Hostel in a way.

However, in many Hostels in Europe, they will have a microwave and say they have a kitchen, do any lie to attract people.

I stayed at that hostel last winter. It's a good hostel and the owner was very helpful.

I met a few Taiwanese people in hostels outside of Taipei. They were traveling to Hualien for an exam. The Taiwanese are probably the friendliest people I've ever met.

Taiwanese are really nice but just a bit shy, but depends on the area as well, there are plenty of places to hangout. Most people are also coming for teaching English..if you ever have chance, pls come to Hualien, at least LP claims "Taroko Gorge" is a place most worthy to see. And maybe we can have a tea together.

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