Labor Day USA

Labor Day USA
Interesting holiday this Labor Day, always intrigues me, seems like a “One Minute Manager” carry out Holiday.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Thursday, September 4, 2008
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I do appreciate labor, however I am skeptical when any formalized institution says labor should be congratulated.

I tend to believe, this just means some more slaps on the back, and you’re a good guy type of thing, then I want to say,
“Show me the money.”

Truly I enjoy Labor Day, even here in Thailand where a USA Holiday means zip, nothing, nada, I am always lucky to know about a Holiday. I do appreciate my Mother reminding me when Fathers day is, this is needed help in life.

However, what does Labor Day mean to me, it is the end of Summer in the USA and the children are back in School. This makes me happy, they go to school and surf the internet and visit my page. Because the Parents are not longer babysitting their children, they get on the internet and surf the internet and visit my page.

Of course, all the normal go to work at 9:00 am, dawdle around until 10:00 am, return a few calls, answer the bosses question and then go hide behind the computer, pretend to work, surf the internet and visit my page people are still here as normal, the regulars.

I believe the biggest boom to the internet is when labor convinced the boss they needed to have internet in the office.

Labor Day USA


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Hi Mr. Andy,
My ooh My! you have hit a sore spot for me. Ford and GMC are in dire staits. Even our beloved aircraft industry to a degree. Always the poster children for beating up on unions and labor. Being a Ford truck man most of my life, I wondered why such piss poor quality that you can almost pinpoint to the year. I discovered someting interesting.
BMW...built in South Carolina
Mercedes Benz...built in Alabama.
Nissan ..built in Tennesee.
Toyota...built in Texas(nice trucks)
Honda...built in Alabama (they even protested in Japan when a main office moved to US..whew!)
Kia...built in Georgia (soon to be 300,000 a year..Lordy!)
AND we even export some of those makes to Europe and Asia with record sales.
The pathetic American big 3 auto companies are full of it. The foreign brands have the bragging rights in material and assembly quality with same pay and benefits as Big 3. Ive personally talked to german engineer (brake calipers for Mercedes at tool and die shop). They love the south because we resemble their traditional apprenticeship culture. (shadetree mechanics rule!). He drives a 67 Camaro and would get angry about our cars. He told me once. What the hell! you Americans made the best cars in the world, now you hire management, engineers and designers that dont like making cars. They crazy.
What galls me is no one complains about the American Bar Association, the American Medical Association, the Dentists, Insurance organizations, etc. These are nothing more than fancy unions or organizations of professional trades. The ones with usually force of law and government behind them. My favorite so called professional, the teachers. Ill never forget the day I visited stepsons high school. His science teacher wanted to visit NASA and go to the room where they can turn off gravity. Thats the gospel truth, her exact words. In case curious, definitely not another german..hehe.
Take care farmboy.

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