I Have an Embarrassing Ugly Website

I Have an Embarrassing Ugly Website
There are two Graphics people in Hostel, one from England and the other from Australia.

They both ask me,
“How many hits do you get on your site?”

Seoul, South Korea
Thursday, September 25, 2008
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I am actively searching for CSS and Graphic worker in India, we have advertisement and are taking applications.
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Hmmm…. let me think...

How many Hits do I get per day?

This question is a humorous question for me, and truly a question I do NOT want I want to hear from a potential people to work on the site. These two gentlemen are not potential workers, however may have the proper skill sets.

I have about 400,000 hits per day on the two site, HoboTraveler.com and HoboHideOut.com.

Why do I not want to hear this question?

I Have an Embarrassing Ugly Website


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"If you do something wrong long enough it becomes a style."

I like your sites because can read them. They are not complicated and are about content.

I like your style.


Chuck, you are very close, I deleted your analysis because I cannot talk about this specifically on my site, however you are using the wrong variable, Hits is not important.

Thanks, Content Management Systems and Blogger Systems have allow people who do not know how to make web sites to make very nice looking sites.

This has created a new level of look that is more difficult to make in normal ways.

It is ok, the more people focus on how the sites look, the more I will make money, content is king on the internet.

I believe there will be an implosion of social site as there becomes so many people realize they are not special on these sites, just one in a million.

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