Help the Homeless Vagabond in Brooklyn New York

Help the Homeless Vagabond in Brooklyn New York
Wade of need help, he is a Homeless person in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Do you have an extra bed for an aspiring Vagabond writer, who need to spend 15 WEEKS in Brooklyn to finish up University?

Today is September 5, 2008

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Friday, September 5, 2008
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Wade says,
“I just need a place fast. I have an unlimited metro card so I can live anywhere. I will be going to Long Island University at Dekalb and Flatbust”

Is that Flatbush?

Ok, whatever a good guy Wade, a fellow Hobo of the road, needs a cheap bed.

Go read of his plight on his Blog, trust me, not knowing where you are going to sleep is not fun.

This post below of his has email and contact information, please read and help Wade, although think about it, if he has no home, there would be some really good stories. No better to help him and lend him and extra room, he has MONEY.

Wade Says,
No Accommodation in Brooklyn.


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wow the title sounds good..that made me to digg deep into the blog

Hi Andy,

Doesn't Wade need a room for 15 weeks, not 15 months? That could make a big difference in someone's decision to rent him a room. Just checking. :)

Yes, 15 weeks, not 15 months.

Thanks Andy,

This should help out a lot!

I had a little daydream about having a quiet, private place to abscond to and work for a few months but it is not looking like this will be the reality of it. I have turned up some temporary free living options, and if I were to combine them with trading the internet pages with hotels I can string together a way to live in NY without spending any money (and will probably be just as comfortable as if I had rented a $500 a month room in an apartment with people that I do not know).

I know that altering my living situation day to day and digging up all of the free, trade-for, and work-for accommodation that I can find would make for a better story, bring me in contact with more people, and give me a much fuller experience of New York City than having my own place. It would be like I never stepped off the Road. If I had my own place i am sure that my misanthropic tendencies would quickly kick in and I would find myself alone in my room with my face stuck inside of a book studying rather than being out talking to people haha.

So unless a miracle happens, and a private place pops up that my measely pocketbook can afford, I am just going to keep tramping.

If any readers know of a place where I can stay for even a few days - anywhere in New York - I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the help.

Your friend,


HI Mr. Andy,
Remember growing up watching movies and TV? It was almost as Americana as apple pie and baseball to see a kindly old widow lady running boarding houses/hostels. It seemed to be common in all corners of the US of A at one time. Chicken and dumplings on the supper table for the guests must have been a rule. Westerns were full of them as in John Wayne's "True Grit". Even Sc-Fi had them as "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in downtown Washingotn, D.C. if you can imagine. I cant count how many movies Ive seen where somebody's husband has stomped off to the YMCA for a cheap room. Remember deputy Barney Fife on the "Andy Griffith Show" actually counting electricty watts? Didnt want his landlady to know he was cooking in the room. Crying shame such places are hard to come by nowadays. One suggestion for Wade, is to hook up with some construction crews and ask around. Ive worked with a bunch in just about every trade you can imagine. They often travel around and know spots for some pretty good living at reasonable costs and no silly lease.


Excellent advice, I have know for years in some places where there are a lot of street vendors, they would know the cheap housing.

However for sure, construction people would know also.

Funny here in Thailand and for many countries, the contruction crews live on the site, they have whole slums of housing on the site.

I truly hope more boarding type houses and home stay submit on or the Apartments that allow one month leases.

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