Governments Need Music Internet Mobile Phones

Governments Need Music Internet Mobile Phones
I am in no-mans land of the Korea Incheon Airport here in South Korea, and I was looking around,
“The people are placated and calmed by playing with their Mobile phone or Ipods.

I am musing that music, mobile phone and the internet has been a windfall in people management for the governments of the world.

Seoul, South Korea
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
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I remember in a the Cow Barn while the cow were being milked my farmer boss would play the radio to keep the cows content and happy. My best suspicions is a mind that is occupied with entertaining sounds is not aware of what is happening to them.

Maybe they need to turn up the music today in the New York Stock ‘Exchange to keep them calm in the middle of a storm.

Governments Need Music Internet Mobile Phones


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I think those guys on Wall Street could use all the help they can get. If music does the trick lets get them a band.

Hehehehe, "Let them eat cake" a famous quote...

I saw an interview with a young snotty trader standing outside the Stock Exchange he said(in a thick NY accent), "I don't understand what the problem is: they got the money, we need the money, give it to us".

Well THAT'S the problem, his attitude speaks volumes.

I'd let them starve for awhile.


Yes Hoz, this type of give me attitude has caused the problem.

Everyone here is guilty, people who have been foreclosed on should know they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

I truly hope have the stock brokers who spinned this really get damaged.

Bottom line, a bank that is failing should go out of business, a company that is failing should be allowed to fail.

People get out of life what they deserve, they do not deserve a bailout, but maybe the country needs to stop a depression.

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