I have seen a term used often to describe travel rooms,

I find this term a pre-meditative desire to be ambiguous, to even use the term seems ludicrous, as I truly believe the world,
“Cannot be bothered.”

I found an extremely curious and appropriate categorization in the Wikipedia.org online Encyclopedia for this French phrase.

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Monday, September 15, 2008
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If you search for “en-suite” in Wikipedia.org, you will automatically arrive with NO “disambiguation” arrive at the word BATHROOM. Quite hilarious to me, I think we should more appropriately use the world classification and sincerely pretentious.
“la toilette”

Anyway you do in Wikipedia you end up in the Bathroom, or if you are a seasoned traveler and tired of having the Europeans annoy you, you will finally capitulate and stop saying the word “Restroom” or “Bathroom” and replace it with "Toilet.”

I like restroom, not so harsh, however for he sake of disambiguation I use the word “Toilet.” now because it is globally understood.

I truly believe the word “En-suite” belongs in the Toilet with all the other too vague and confusing terms in the global world.

So what does en-suite mean? Still not too clear to me, however I believe the use of the term is analogous to the USA people using the term “Restroom.” We really should not use this term in a global world, it is un-clear to the world, we need to use the word “Toilet.” However, I think the Brits have somehow hooked on to this Frenchie word, and use it to describe something…, I will never use the terms, except when I am speaking French where it is appropriately used.

So if you are curious, go to this page that I think may explain it, however take care, they lost me… hehehe


Bathroom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en suite - Definition at Your Dictionary
en suite - definition of en suite by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
en suite British Use and maybe why



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Hi Mr. Andy,
Once at destinations, it seems the bathroom/shower situation is one of the bigger hurdles to jump. Not being able to take a cool or hot shower as needed, could even ruin a night at a Palace. Then there is the most humble of moments to consider. Maybe a good idea to find a private corner of the street nearby,just for emergency. Same as knowing all the exits in a building in case of fire, having spot picked out for when the stomache throws a tantrum.

I believe 'en-suit' usually means there's a toilet that you can enter through your bedroom. Don't forget to make sure it's not the only toilet in the house.

The essential concept of this post is there is never any reason use global advertising that is confusing.

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